Anointing Enchantments Table in Path of Exile: Blight

huge list... :)
Oh snap!
Where is my snake oil?
And the countdown begins!
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
god damn. we can actually reference an official site to the game for something?

they grow up so fast *sniff
this gonna be gud
I hope the mid tier oils are reasonably common because what they add to end game mapping is HUGE now that we have a 5 slot map device and live in a game state where investment-less low tier mapping has rendered game game mapping moot.


Azure Oil - 15% increased Experience gain + 5% Monster pack size
Opalescent Oil - 25% Monster pack size

Holy mother of god.
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It's no interest play league if you show all reciples...
is golden oil the highest tier???
Soul of Steel: golden oil, golden oil, golden oil. lol

too bad. the build i want to play and the node i want to get does require a golden oil too :(
Omg it's public, thank god.

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