[PS4] 3.7.5b Patch Notes

New to the game and forums...Love the game!! Long time Grim Dawn player.
The crashing seems to be frequent after 3.7.5
I don’t have a ps pro tho...can anyone confirm if it plays and runs smoother/consistently on a pro machine versus my 11 month old machine?
trebien777 wrote:
the crashes look DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO THE GAME SOUND. is the best hit to fix the problem.

and TRADE MARKET! AUTO-SELL [even offline] and MOD search!

If you're gonna troll at least do it on your actual account.

no one is trolling. do you think the trade market is in good position right now? i doubt...
purely_sinful wrote:
To whom it may concern:

Nobody on PS4 cares about any of these until you fix the game crashing to dashboard issues. It has been narrowed down to an issue with sound effects. If sound effects and ambient noise are turned all the way down, the game doesn't crash every hour on the hour.

What is taking so long for a fix for this issue? I and many others are tired of the instability of the game and community discovered "band aid" fixes are not going to cut it for much longer. We shouldn't have to play with no sound while you continue to ignore us and the issue.

I apologize if that comes off as toxic, but enough is enough. We're not being heard, and your priorities regarding console players are misguided. Please, fix the issue.


PS4 players.

I agree with you. The crashes are getting really frustrating and need fixin ASAP.

i'm trying the sound thing and no crashes so far.

i've tried Unpluging PSVR and the camera.(Now always unplugged). Even tried full system initialization.

I started playing POE this league. The fist 2 crashes happend in azurite mine. I though it was tied to azurite mine but after more playtime i realized that this game is really broken. I reported the first 2 crashes with some text. Now i just send a video clip... i sometimes get 3 crashes per hour.

The PS4 is clearly not handling the game so some more setting to customize graphics would be really helpful. I even bought the "remove aura visual effect" just to minimize the lag. Then realized u need to by 1 for every aura... why the ....?? this alone should just be a setting.. i dont mind paying for some cosmetics ... but to remove 1 should just be a setting as a said.
I have ps4 pro + inside SSD, have 300 Mb/s internet connection, lags do not allow me to do more than 91 lvl.
I played 3.6, 3.7 in total 6 characters, different classes and abilities, all problems are the same, die because the game slowed down for a moment.

On the console, death should not diminish experience at this time.

The second thing is the "blue screen" I have them every day, can anyone ever fix it?


Sound woek fine on my console.

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