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Hello Exiles,

this is a detailed endgame guide for Cobra Lash. I am playing the build myself since the league start and I'm still not bored of it. There will be constant updates and adjustments to the build, so try to not follow it 1:1, adjust it to your own playstyle! Be careful, this build is very expensive to finish, however totally viable on budget (it's my league starter and I upgraded everything step by step).

- Very save and defensive build thanks to high life, temp chains, high Attack-/Spell Dodge, Fortify, Elusive Buff, Blind, Evasion, Hinder and more
- high sustain thanks to LgoH claws, Noxious Strike and Cinderswallow flask
- "High DPS" - how much dps you are doing is always situational, so I don't like to give you an exact number, we're looking at around 5m-15m poison dmg on endgame bosses
- active & fun playstyle
- easy blight encounters
- constant upgrades to look forward to (if it's something that keeps you playing, for sure does for me)
- can run every map mod
- can do all content, even if your gear is on budget (U.Elder was done on mostly rare gear and wasp's nest)

- expensive (meta build, crafting)
- most gear needs to be self-crafted, finished gear is very expensive
- str/int requirements need to be fixed through the gear
- slight mana problems before completed setup
- no poison prolif (not necessary)
- evasion build, big dots or one unlucky big hit means death
- need to swap to another damage skill for Atziri
- no space for shock immunity

> T16 Alleyways with rippy mods clear using Faster Projectiles
> Shaper Kill
> Kurgal Depth 328
> T15 Blighted Map without Towers
Will add more videos soon

Path of Building | POB
PoB setup:
- 5 wither stacks (Withering Step makes 7)
- 20 poisons (recently), the more poisons recently, the more damage
- 60% Chance for 100% more poison damage + 20% more damage Opportunistic & Elusive Bonuses not active in POB, the actual dps is more than twice as high


This tree is my imported character from blight league with few adjustments because my gear is not finished.
- Skilltree is for lvl 95! Skip Aspect of the Panther or a jewel node if you are not leveling this high.


Current Blight Gear

Next Upgrades:
- finish despair claw
- maybe boots with MS

The mods listed are just suggestions. It will differ from your own gear!
Prefixes are coloured blue
Suffixes are coloured red



How to craft: Gemini Claw alteast ilvl 83, Fossils: Corroded + Aberrant
- Gemini because we need Mana gain on Hit
- You want one weapon with despair on hit mod
- both weapons should have the delve 100% more poison damage mod
- try to also get Added Chaos Damage/Attackspeed/Crit Chance
- deciding between Chaos Dot Multi or Increased Phys + Blind: -> Chaos Dot Multiplier is slightly more damage (like 50k), but damage is not a problem so blind is better as it helps surviving

- Adds # to # Chaos Damage
- 60% Chance for Poisons inflicted with this weapon to deal 100% more damage (delve only)
- % to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier (crafted only)
- Increased Attack Speed
- Curse Enemies with Level 10 Despair on Hit (delve only, only one claw needs this)
- Increased Critical Strike Chance
- Increased Physical Damage & Chance to Blind Enemies on hit (crafted)
- Increased Critical Strike Chance + Quality (crafted)

You can actually craft the perfect claw (very expensive + you need the mods for the crafting bench):
When you hit 100% delve poison mod and added chaos damage, with no other prefix and with an open suffix, you can craft prefixes cannot be changed, scour, multimod, Increased Attack Speed, Chaos Dot Multiplier OR Increased Physical Damage + Blind on Hit and Critical Chance OR Crit Chance + Quality, this doesn't work on the claw with despair on hit curse!!



Enchant: +3 Cobra Lash Chains (expensive) or Malevolence Reduced Mana Reseved (budget)
- +3 Cobra Lash because we don't have prolif and it let's us hit more monsters = more poisons applied recently = more damage, doesn't do much for single target in 1 boss encounters
- my helmet is shaped (was cheaper), try to get a normal one
Crafting: Lion Pelt atleast ilvl 84 (85 for max. Int/Accuracy, or 86 for +3 Minions) Fossils: Pristine + Aberrant (+ Prismatic for easier resists)

- Life
- Life% (delve only)
- Hybrid Life
- Resists
- Attributes
- Nearby Enemies have -9% Chaos Resistance (delve only)


Body Armour:

- Crafting: Elder Zodiac Leather ilvl 86, Fossils: Pristine + Serrated
- Zodiac because it's the highest EVA base, you can also use Assassin's if you want the movement speed

- Socketed Attacks have -15 to Total Mana Cost (only delve)
- Attacks have +#% to Critical Strike Chance (elder only)
- Resists
- +# to maximum Life
- +% maximum Life (delve, elder)
- Hybrid Life
- Life% & Mana% (crafted)
(- Additional Curse (crafted, for assassin's mark ring))



- Resists, Accuracy, Attributes, Life and Added Chaos Damage

- Life
- Added Chaos Damage (crafted)
- Accuracy
- Resists
- Attributes
(- Added Fire Damage (for cinderswallow, if you can't get it on other gear)
(- Assassin's Mark on Hit is just a luxury if you have +1 Curse on Chest)


- Fenumus' Weave

- BiS Gloves, hinders nearby enemies, webbed enemies take more damage, has life and damage stats
Enchant: Preference, I'm just using Commandment of Blades on Hit


- Solstice Vigil with Whispers of Doom Anoint (2x Golden Oil, 1x Black Oil)

- BiS Amulet, "free" temporal chains with Whispers of Doom, nearby enemies are slower, poison duration is higher (= more damage), shaper's presence for longer buffs



- Life
- Hybrid Life
- Intelligence/Strength
- Resists
- Movement Speed (not needed)

Enchant: 16% Attack/Cast Speed when killed recently



- Stygian Vise for Abyss Jewel

- Life
- Resists
- Reduced Flask Charges Used (preference)
- Strength
- Increased Damage (crafted)
- Increased Chaos Damage (delve only, aberrant fossil)



- Abyss jewel with added fire for cinderswallow or just life/dmg stats if you got fire damage somewhere else

- rest is rare jewels
- Attack speed > Life > Damage mods
- also can fill out resists and attributes
(I will update this section with more specific mods in the future)


- Coralito's is required. Poison Duration, Perfect Agony and Diamond Flask. Everything we need.


- Instant Life Flask w/ Bleed Removal.


- Basalt w/ Freeze or Curse Immunity.

- Cinderswallow, gives us nice sustain and it's a silver flask. Best mod is Increased Crit during flask effect. Also ignited enemies take 10% increased damage (10% more multiplier). You NEED added fire damage somewhere on your gear (crit ignites enemies at 100%)


- any flask you prefer with Curse or Freeze Immunity

Gem Links

Our DPS 6L:

- Cobra Lash + Added Chaos Damage + Deadly Ailments + Unbound Ailments + Vile Toxins + Vicious Projectiles (bossing) / Greater Multiple Projectiles (map clear)

If you have enough damage you can swap vile toxins with Faster Projectiles for faster mapping


Movement 4L:

- Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Blood Magic


Aura 3L/4L:

- Malevolence + Precision + Enlighten (+ Herald of Agony)

Herald of Agony is not necessary and it only fits if you are high level with expensive gear. You need to hit the following requirements to fit in HoAG:
- Enlighten lvl. 4
- -15Mana mod on your chest (mana management)
- maybe grab one of these mana nodes: Arcane Chemistry/Primal Spirit/Druitic Rite, but not required
Try to get over 50 Mana unreserved to be in a good spot.

Curse & Buffs 3L:

- Temp Chains + Blasphemy + Blood Rage


CWDT + Vaal Grace

- CWDT + Steelskin + Inc. Duration + Vaal Grace


Rest 3L:

- Witherring Step + Increased Area of Effect + Plague Bearer

(check my blight gear how I set everything up)


- Aspect of the spider (careful with linking stuff in your gloves, some socketed gems can multiply the mana cost of the aspect)
- You can use Skitterbots or Blasphemy + low despair until then

- Alira or Kill all
- when you got your gear completed with overcapped res, the 2 skillpoints are more valuable

Ascendancy Order
1. Noxious Strike
2. Toxic Delivery
3. Mistwalker
4. Opportunistic

- You can get Mistwalker first if you got twink gear with crit etc, it speeds up the leveling.

- Major: Soul of Lunaris (Mapping) or Soul of Solaris (Bossing)
- Minor: It's preference: Soul of Garukhan for 5/5 Dodge on savage hit, Soul of Shakari for poison immunity, Soul of Ralakesh for less phys dot from blood rage & blind/maim immunity

Map mods
- generally this build can run every map mod
- very rippy combinations of mods is a problem for many build, thanks to dodge mechanics we can always take a big hit and regen back up before the next hit

Annoying Map Mods you might wanna reroll:
- Monsters have 65% chance to avoid poison (we need longer for map clear)
- Cannot Regenerate Life and Mana (as long as you are hitting stuff it's not a problem, but when you cast something and end up with 0 mana, you have to whirling blades through a pack to get mana back

Why phys craft on weapons instead of chaos dot multi?
> Chaos Dot Multi is like 50k more damage in a build with millions of damage, I prefer the additional 20% chance to blind (total 30% with claw node)
Do you need 3 curses?
> Nope, the 3rd curse is just luxury.
Mana pool is too low for Herald of Agony
> It's a tight fit and only works w/ high level and an enlighten 4!
"Why is my damage so low?" Checklist:
> Accuracy at 100%?
> Added Chaos Damage on both rings?
> Cobra Lash & Added Chaos Damage Support lvl 21?
> over lvl 90 (enough skillpoints)?
> Solstice with Whispers of Doom?
> Both Claws with 100% more poison mod, attackspeed, added chaos,...?
> despair on one of your claws?
> Watchers eye?
> atleast triple damage rare jewels?
> -9% Enemy Chaos resist on helmet?
> Fenumus Weave?
> Cinderswallow with Added Fire on gear?
> Attack Crit on Body Armour?


- 06/09/2019 adjusted some math, Spectral throw has basically a 200% Base Multiplier. Cobra Lash only around 180, so 10% Less Damage. Fixed it in POB. (Correct me if some stuff is wrong!)
- 06/09/2019 before patch: Gear adjustments, added more variety to the gear
- 08/09/2019 - Updated CobraLash, Removed HoA, added withering step, removed orb of storms (not worth it)
- Removed "unfair" bonuses from pob, pob dps went in half, real dps is twice as much
- 09/09/2019 changed 6th link for single target from void manipulation to vicious projectiles (slightly better damage)
- 20/09/2019 added current blight gear, added pantheon, removed wither totem, added cwdt setup, plaguebearer and withering step are supported by empower now
- 21/09/2019 Added an experimental tankier variant POB
- 22/09/2019 Completely redone the guide page
- 28/09/2019 Added Herald of Agony to the endgame setup again
- 07/10/2019 Added 3rd Curse, Updated PoB is my blight character now, Added new gem setup with vaal grace
- 10/10/2019 Skilltree changes: Removed Ranger Life Nodes and specced Claws of Pride again. Added Faster Projectiles Gem as alternative for map clear (thanks to cablemodem)
- 11/11/2019 Added Gameplay, Threw out Ice Golem & Added Inc. AoE to Plague Bearer/Withering Step again, Skilltree: Removed Claws of the Pride and Mana Nodes, specced Acuity for Accuracy
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can pestilent stike be used as well?
suriuken wrote:
can pestilent stike be used as well?

Pestilent strike is melee so your gem set up will be different.Would most likely want to set it up like viper strike in POB.
Insane PoB dmg and life its looking rly nice :P!

But i have 3 max gems on single weapon so where im going to find to connect 4L

Malevolence + Precision (lowlvl) (+ Herald of Agony) + Enlighten (lvl 3 atleast)

remember you also need GMP on your main 6L for clear.
Whoa! PoB damage is insane! Is it really correct?

Planning to start with cobra lash assassin, looking nice.

Are these items endgamic or could it be strengthened? It should be added that 20% of people will probably play assassins, so prices will be very high for items.
Those damage numbers are looking insane, WAY higher than the other build on here - not sure what you are doing so much better

Man I really wish we got an updated POB earlier so we could have a better idea of reality
In the jewel where you have all the new stuff, what are the first three lines from?
maxor182 wrote:
In the jewel where you have all the new stuff, what are the first three lines from?

Abyss jew stats I guess, he have stygian after all

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