3.8| Stress Free PoE - COLD-HEARTED CURSER |Clear the Atlas w/ YOUR Items @ YOUR Pace (SSF & Co-op)

The 3.9 version of this guide is now live! Click here to get there! Thank you so much for such a great and encouraging league! You were all so great to each other and I appreciate the attitude you all brought to the thread. I'm very blessed to have had you all around. Thank you to all who tried the build out, whether you're a poster or not. Thank you.
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Hey PrincessOfAsgard!

It's always a pleasure. I'm sorry you're having trouble. You've received some great advice already and I see you've made some adjustments already as well. So I don't know how valuable you'll find my advice but here are a couple of things I see:

Ghost Reaver really hurts with the decrease in ES recharge rate. That coupled with Wicked Oath is harsh. For example, I put my tree into your PoB with your gear and such. Your ES recharge rate is 1700. With the other tree, it's 3300. And the higher your total ES, the higher that rate goes too. It goes a long way. (Without Bated Breath my recharge is around 4500.)

But that's really all I see. The changes you've made look great! (Though if you're keeping leech, I'd get rid of Spell Echo. It decreases your damage which you don't want with leech.) Your uniques aren't bad for ES by any means. So now it's just the grind of getting the same accessories you have, but with ES, and slowly improving the ES you already have.

The one thing to keep in mind with this build is you will take unmitigated damage unless Enfeeble has already been applied to the enemies. So I ALWAYS move around with this build while I just hold the Vortex button down. Always moving. I do find I die when I stand around, even if I think it's safe.

I hope my little bit helped. And great job going so far! New territory for you isn't it? Pushing 90. Crazy! And good job!

Cheers, Wrecker_of_Days!

And thank you once again for your lovely and detailed reply! Also thanks for having a look at my items and stuff. Your advice was really helpful aswell! I'm a bit busy at the moment which is why I only managed to answer you know.

So as you recommended I refunded the Ghost Reaver node and since I did that it seems to be going more smoothly. My ES recharge rate is at 3415.2 now so twice the amount of what it was before. It should be sufficient. As I said, it seems to be going more smoothly now that I've refunded GR.

I also got rid of the Spell Echo support gem and swapped it with Increased AoE Support. Or do you have any other suggestions instead? I need to check the build again.

Also, moving around while spamming Vortex sounds good. I try to apply what I call my "shark technique": circle the (groups of) enemies and surround them with Vortexes. I used to flame dash into larger groups of enemies and set off Vortex amidst them but that seemed to get my witch killed way too easily. I now prefer the shark technique.

So yeah, your input definitely helped a lot! I would love to further expand my test stage on more advanced maps but now with the CotA-update Zana and the map device are gone and I got a "Picking up the Pieces" quest from that dude Kirac and I have no clue what to do next / where to go / how to get to the "Fallen Courts". That's just a tiny bit frustrating. But I didn't have the time to look it up yet so I will do that right after I posted. Also how am I supposed to purchase the Vorici decoration I've been longing to get now that Zana is gone? Such a bummer! xD

Anway, cheers a lot, mate! I will have a look at the newest version of this build and see what I am going to try next for metamorph challenge league. I hope you're having a good time! Take care! ^^

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