New Gems for Assassins in Path of Exile: Blight - Part One

POG!! Nice additions!

Whoever is saying this is only for Assasins, has absolutely no clue about this game. I see soo many different ascendancies and possibilities with this skills, and im no expert at all.
Natalia_GGG wrote:
Withering Step
Withering Step is an instant spell that removes any existing Elusive effects on you, and grants a new full strength Elusive buff. Withering Step applies multiple stacks of Withered to any enemy when they first enter an area around you, but only once per skill use. Withered increases damage taken from Chaos, which includes Poison effects. While the Elusive from Withering Step is active, you'll be granted Phasing and the cooldown will be paused. Any skills you perform will remove Elusive, which will start the cooldown. At higher levels, the skill has increased Elusive effect.

Umm.... This almost seems like Phase Run, only with chaos focus and more impressive.... Comparing the two makes this one seem greatly superior...

Perhaps Phase Run is one of the skills being reworked then???

Natalia_GGG wrote:
Pestilent Strike
This high level Dagger and Claw skill applies poison on hit, as well as a debuff that lasts a short duration. If the target dies while this debuff is active, they explode, releasing a nova that applies a damage over time effect to all enemies in range. The damage of this debuff is based on the total poison damage remaining on the enemy, and this damage is dealt over a short duration.

The Poisons you spread don't have to be from Pestilent Strike, so you can use it alongside Viper Strike or other poisonous skills. This lets you turn a long duration stack of poisons on a single enemy into a fast acting wave of death over a large area. The damage over time effect applied by the nova isn't modified by any of your damage bonuses, as it was already based on a modified poison, but any of your modifiers to skill effect duration will change how long it lasts without influencing its damage per second.

This looks interesting..... Is it a chaining explosion debuff? I can't quite tell if the targets in the video are all in range of the Nova or if its repeatedly spreading....
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.

Mechanic's Post:
I can already see a problem with Pestilent Strike and a suggestion that was made in this post. Why would anyone go for Viper Strike/Pestilent Strike switches when PoE mainly shows that the main things that make builds good is mostly a whole group of enemies being one-shoted or dying instantly short after they were attacked. Seems like it's a good way to split those two skills among two classes... Give Viper Strike to Pathfinder with it's poison proliferation and Pestilent strike to Trickster/Assassin so that the little investment of AoE will pay off when fewer enemiest die from hit and more from spreading of that poison cloud. Not saying that the suggestion is bad - the above simply feels like a way to go with the skill.
diablomix wrote:
A weaker looking Spectral Throw... great.

P.S Poison/Chaos Spectral Throw is f'n amazing. Not joking.

i don't think so. i think this will blow spectral throw out of the water. all dependent on numbers still, of course.

but it chains multiple times at higher levels (3-4 possibly?) and chain is just a superior way to do things especially when it isn't costing you less damage.
also cobra lash will give you added chaos damage (much like how spectral throw is lacking flat physical scaling through levels), and a massive poison damage multiplier on crit

this won't be my league starter but im almost certain it will be my final min/max build. a claw crit poison cobra lash deadeye
Will Rigwald's Curse work with the nightblade support?
claws getting a buff? Sign me up
"How do you lure the Elder to the centre of the Atlas?"
"A box trap with some candy should do the trick"
would be nice etheral knives and blade fall have a interaction with equiped weapon, and a kinda knives barrage, a channeling lancing skill with daggers with poisons
I love that there will be new competition to foils (or not). Claws making a comeback! With Cyclone! (if it's not killed in the next patch, hope not)
I do like that the effeck is based on crit, open up options for other skills, but I'm missing the idea of building non-crit, non-DoT builds and not feeling that you put yourself in a worse position overall.
I will leaguestart with totens, but might finally try a poison/herald of agony build. Who knows
None of this matters until you make poison viable in a speed clear meta where we have 5-15 million dps cyclone slayers lol

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