Development Manifesto: Legion as a Core Game Mechanic

Vagan isn't unwanted anymore!
Jewels need a rework. Not being able to figure things out besides F5'ing reddit sucked.
Barabama wrote:
[Removed by Support] I am pretty sure I was promised to have all those 1000 random encounters spawning in the same map fixed, so I wouldnt have to spend my time jumping back and forth inceptionfuck style.

You arent letting players focus on one thing at the time without making them feel like they are missing out on a lot of good stuff if they decide to skip that annoying shit and don't want to grind mindlessly everything.

oh stop whining. Everything in this game is a grind.
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We will, however, be adding a diminishing return for rewards from monsters from the encounter. The intent here is to normalise rewards somewhat, so that every player experiencing this content gets good rewards, and character power doesn't have as significant an impact on how valuable Domain of Timeless Conflict encounters are.

To that end, we have increased the rewards for the first cycle of monsters, reducing them each revive cycle. Rewards from Legion Generals will not diminish, but the rewards from other monsters will diminish. We will not be adding a diminishing return for experience gained from the ongoing encounters.
I wish this happened during legion league. I ran a total of 3-4 domains and only for the challenge rewards.

Having that 5th map device slot is pretty huge for end game mapping and I hope 4 ways are not going to be stupidly expensive.
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hi guys
Gloernn wrote:
Are we getting to keep our 5 slot map device?

Yes, that will go to Standard, and you will be able to use it.

In the new league, you have to unlock the 5 slot device via Legion mechanics still.

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Will the Standard Delve ladder be completely RESET?
I don't know why I have forum access, even.

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so it's going to be the usual trash then..

some fun mechanic that is added to the core game in a way that you barely get to interact with it.. so instead of something that is fun, it gets to be this never ending "tease" of some content that is there but not really accessible..

I thought this bullshit was one of the things you planned on fixing in 3.8 that was "delayed" from 3.7..

bleh.. not sure I even wanna know what 3.8 is gonna be now..
generally dangerous
Will Maraketh splinters have same drop chance?

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