[3.10] The Warbringer Ground Slam Serker [League Starter | Cheap | Stunlock the Atlas]

Patch notes out, zero changes for build

alot more bosses got more life now, meaning stunning them is harder. build still does fine getting to reds on a low tier budget (roughly 100c)

new notables give very nice buffs to this build


Warcry is incredibly powerful

Mob Mentality
20% increased Warcry Cooldown Recovery Speed
You and nearby Party members gain 5 Rage when you Warcr

allows us to keep rage stacks during phase bosses

Haunting Shout
20% increased Warcry Cooldown Recovery Speed
Enemies Taunted by your Warcries are Intimidated
Enemies Taunted by your Warcries are Unnerved

lets us drop tombfist intimidate and run powerful rare spiked gauntlets

Rattling Bellow
Enemies Taunted by you take 5% increased Damage
Warcry Skills have 40% increased Area of Effect

huge aoe and another 5% more damage multiplier

some good mace QoL too

30% increased Damage with Maces, Sceptres or Staves
Gain Fortify for 6 seconds on Melee Hit with a Mace, Sceptre or Staff

lets us drop fort in our 6 link for more dps

Expansive Might
Mace, Sceptre or Staff Attacks deal 20% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments
While stationary, gain 10% increased Area of Effect every second, up to a maximum of 50%

good aoe increase when slamming in one spot

Weight Advantage
Mace, Sceptre or Staff Attacks deal 30% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments
4% chance to deal Double Damage while wielding a Mace, Sceptre or Staff
+20 to Strength

nice double damage

Battlefield Dominator
Attacks with Two Handed Weapons deal 25% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments
10% reduced Enemy Stun Threshold
15% increased Area of Effect if you've Stunned an Enemy with a Two Handed Melee Weapon Recently

good 2h power boost

Heavy Hitter
30% increased Attack Damage
10% reduced Enemy Stun Threshold
20% chance to double Stun Duration
30% increased Damage with Ailments from Attack Skills

good stun

Fuel the Fight
8% increased Attack Speed
0.4% of Attack Damage Leeched as Mana
20% increased Damage while Leeching

removes the need for mana leech on ring/jewel/neck

20% increased Attack Damage
20% increased Damage with Ailments from Attack Skills
Enemies killed by your Attack Hits have a 15% chance to Explode, dealing a tenth of their maximum Life as Physical Damage

amazing for clear

along with all the good defensive ones

overall this build got some very strong buffs due to notables, will see how rare/difficult they are to find


MSC day 3 PoB


about 650k dps on a 5 link tidebreaker

PoB and leveling trees updated

Overall for 3.9 this build appears mostly unchanged. None of our uniques are going away, none of our damage is being reduced. We moved away from lust for Carnage and into Martial Experience for extra 12% physical penetration. Kinetic Impacts is likely BiS annoint, it gives another 15%. Dropping Wrecking Ball Wheel for Kinetic Impacts.

No word on stun, or unwavering changes. My guess is that bosses that were already unwavering like kitava and minotaur, will keep it. If we somehow metamorph those bosses they will still be unwavering, so we must dodge. Otherwise we will stun lock.

The hp increase may make stunning more difficult for lower dps 5 link budget setups, this will likely be my 3.9 starter

3.9 Patch notes

Patch notes out!

Awakened Brutality and Awakened Melee Physical are free power for us

Some nodes we may get depending on how powerful the Phys pen is:

+Spinecruncher (already have) 12% pen
+Master of Force, Kinetic Impacts (was our BiS annoint) 5% pen and 15% pen, making Kinetic Impacts better than Wrecking Ball
+Martial Experience (better than Lust for Carnage now, 1 extra point used, tree reworked to include 12% pen.
+Path of the Warrior (good for life wheel, no brainer) 5% pen

Could be good
- Adamant (4 points for some good defense + Phys pen) 5% pen
- Inexorable (5 points for medium Endurance charge QoL) 5% pen

Overall this build received very minor buffs (fortify change buffs aspect of carnage debuff) and the new phys pen puts as at:

Spine - 12
Kinetic - 15
Martial - 12

39% phys pen, which may be overkill for bossing

Day 4 Uber Elder down, 5 link tidebreaker


Day 11, farmed HH in t15 toxic and t16 Burials

MF gear PoB


3.8 Patch notes
Buffs to Warbringer are big, we gain 2.5% double damage compared to old

we lose increased dmg but we can just add in rallying cry if we really need the dmg (hint we dont)

We gain 10% attack speed which is a HUGE dps boost!!!

pulverize got a big AoE nerf, but decent DPS increase. i think i preferred the AoE

minor nerf to flesh and stone, consider arctic armor for more fire and generic reduced dmg if you didnt like flesh and stone

other than that, build looks really good for 3.8

Memes (click for video)

(GIF) Showcase:

Heyo im Frost! I am a intermediate to veteran PoE player, and have been playing since about 3.3 Incursion League (I did play beta and early 1.1 but that was so long ago).

Ground Slam Serker is in my opinion is one of the more underused and beginner friendly builds the game has to offer. It has a linear scaling and easy to understand gearing investments. Every upgrade feels meaningful. It uses 2H Maces, although 1H Maces and 1H/2H Axes are also viable depending on your preference.

This build is a RT (Resolute Technique) Mace build with emphasis on stunning; which allows for safety and easier gear progression. Crit versions are viable; but more expensive. Check our questions and answers for details on Crit.

This build is capable of doing any and all content in the game, however niche things like depth 800 Auls and HoGM (Hall of Grandmasters) have much more suited builds. This build is a great league starter and I will write this guide with a beginner mind set, as well as answering questions!


Quick Guide:


Final Skill Tree

(Vaal*) Ground Slam – Brutality – Ruthless - Concentrated Effect Melee Physical Damage – Fortify - (Pulverize** – Shockwave*** - Multistrike**** - Rage*****)

Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - (Blood Magic* - Fortify**)

Pride - Blood and Sand - Flesh and Stone

Berserk - Enduring Cry / Rallying Cry - Increased Duration - Blood Rage


Ancestral Warchief - (Maim - Chance to Bleed - any other Melee support)

Cast When Damage Taken - Steel Skin - Stone Golem - (Enfeeble/Temp Chains/Phase Run) Increased Duration

Item Priority

Sample Gears (3.7 Legion)


2 Handed Mace (Shaped with Double Damage/Attack Speed or Supported by Maim) with 6 links and 400+ pDPS
Tidebreaker with 6 links, close to 30% R.E.S.T.

Kaoms Heart
Carcass Jack
Elder rare chest with life - Resists - maim support - reduced mana cost of skills

Rare with resistances - life - Delve mod with "Nearby enemies take 9% increased physical damage".
Enchant "40% Increased Ground Slam Damage" is recommended.
Devotos Devotion

Tombfists (1 or 2 sockets)
Rare Spiked Gauntlets with Attack Speed - life - resistances.

Redblade Tramplers
Kaoms Roots
Atziri's Step
Rare boots with resistances - Life - movement speed.

Ryslaths Coil with close to 40% maximum physical as possible
Rare Stygian with Life - Resistances - Damage

Life and Resists. Steel Rings offer +physical damage to attacks. You also want mana leech here, or on one of your jewels as this build does not get any on the tree.

1x Rapid Expansion
% Increases Maximum Life
Attack Speed - Attack Speed with Maces - Attack Speed with Two Handed Weapons
and then resists and stats as you need.

Abyss Jewels:
25+ Maximum Life
Attack Speed
% to gain onslaught on kill/% blind on hit
Adds Physical damage to attacks

  • 1. Pros and Cons
  • 2. Gear
  • 3. Gems and Links
  • 4. Bandit + Ascendancy + Pantheon
  • 5. Leveling + Skill Trees
  • 6. Questions and Answers
  • 7. Tips and Tricks
  • 8. Thank You

1. Pros and Cons

+ Easy to league start with. Ground Slam is available immediately to Marauders and this build clears the story with 0 gear. 4 links, Berserker Ascendancy and the whetstone recipe will take care of all act bosses and areas.
+ Safe. This build has great innate defensive mechanics such as Fortify, Warbringer heals and its ability to stunlock enemies, making them unable to do anything but take a beating! We also run 6+ Endurance Charges, resulting in 24% physical damage reduction and 24% all res, just for stunning things!
+ Boss Killing and mapping, all in one. This build excels at single target damage. Pop up ancestral warchief, use your Warbringer passive, and start slamming. All non-stun immune bosses will be instalocked in place. Stun immune bosses (Unwavering) do require regular melee gameplay however, dodging including. Mapping is smooth and fun, hop around pack to pack while completely smashing with huge Ground Slam AoE.
+ Linear gear progression. This build uses RT and pure physical, so there is no need to stress for critical attack breakpoints, gearing critical multiplier, or converting elemental damage types. Your biggest upgrades such as 6 links chest/Mace/Tidebreaker, BiS uniques and good jewels help min max the build but are not required. You can get into maps and making currency with minimal hideout trading.

- Cannot do physical reflect. This build has no way to mitigate reflect; you will have to reroll these maps.
- Hardcore viability. I am a Softcore player and this build is made in mind for new players. I have not tested this build in HC, however it has great defensive mechanics like fortify, Stun and good eHP pool thanks to Warbringer
- Melee build. Although Ground Slam offers huge AoE and screen clear, it is not Tornado Shot off screening or ED + Contagion destroying monsters in the next room. You will be up close and personal with monsters and bosses.

2. In Depth Gear Explanation


This build uses non-meta (maces) 2 Handed weapons, and a couple uniques that are currently underused. Gearing with rares is easy as well; get good life rolls on all gear (50-75+) along with capping resists (6 endurance charges also helps here). Intelligence and Dexterity can be a bottle neck for gear/skills, so feel free to add those to your gears, or pick up some of the +30 nodes on tree in the meantime.

The Tidebreaker Unique 2H mace is top quality for this build. It offers everything, good physical dps, free 7 link with Endurance Charge on Melee Stun, free Intelligence and also includes "Reduce Enemy Stun Threshhold" a.k.a R.E.S.T bonuses. Look for as close to 30% R.E.S.T as possible, followed by physical DPS roll. If you have the $$$, you can look for one with a Corrupted Implicit Supported by Lvl 10 Fortify but this is very unnecessary and difficult to acquire.

If not using Tidebreaker, look for the highest Physical DPS 2H Mace you can find. Kongos Undying Rage, Chaber Cairn, Marohi Erqi, or Brain Rattler (drop brutality!) all work and can be found cheaply.

If using a rare, consider a Shaper 2 Handed Rare. These can roll (increased attack speed and chance to deal double damage) and (Supported by Maim) which are great boosts to DPS!

Kaom's Heart, Carcass Jack, Loreweave. Since we 6link our 2H Mace, we free up our chest. Kaoms offers the greatest single eHP boost, and the fire dmg roll does not matter. Carcass Jack offers huge AoE QoL, if you find yourself wanting more AoE for Ground Slam. Loreweave in general is a great chest piece, offering a bit of everything including much needed stats. The res bonuses, elemental damage and crit chance are wasted stats on us, but its still solid regardless.

If using a rare, go for as much life and resists as possible. Fossil crafting offers huge HP rolls. Elder chests can roll maim support and reduced mana cost, but these are also an unnecessary luxury.

Feedback from players gave SporeGuard


This offers good life, good chaos res, and good clear with fungal explosions. depending on your budget, you can use this to replace kaoms

Plus it offers annointments, allowing for powerful defense and offense depending on your gear

A Rare helm with the delve mods "Take 9% increased physical damage" and 25% Increased effect of Fortify is the best. You can craft this with Dense + Jagged fossils.

If using a random rare, ry to get it with big life, resits and life regen rolls.

Abyssus can be used for an insane DPS boost.. with the cost of being very squishy. Only recommended for softcore or people who love glass cannons!

Devotos Devotion is the premier unique helmet. It offers everything we need, Movement speed, attack speed, Dexterity and Chaos Resistance. These can be pricey due to Melee Meta.

A great budget Unique helm is Deidbellow. This gives even more Warbringer synergy, good flat phys and stats, at the negative of not being able to leech at low life. Try it out if you are on a budget!

Tombfists are amazing value, and the single socket ones are dirt cheap and easy to find. Make sure to socket a Murderous Eye Jewel to get the free Intimidate! Look for the best Max hp roll as possible, and consider some corruptions such as attack speed of Vulnerability/Temp Chains on hit.

If using rares, Spikes Gauntlets offer up to 20% increased Melee Damage. Gauntlets can also roll attack speed, a vital stat for us. Otherwise look for Life and Resists.

Good budget/early league gauntlet are Wyrmsigns, offering a 5 Link with Conc Effect. They also provide Rampage, which helps with mapping.

Redblade Tramplers have a little bit of everything, Life, Movespeed, some resistances and R.E.S.T. Try for a 10% R.E.S.T roll if possible. Kaoms Roots are also very powerful, especially for Elder and Uber Elder Fights (where slows can be a problem). They offer great HP, although we are already stun immune due to Rite of Ruin. If you have some spare chaos, consider a +1 Endurance Charge corruption which is a great boost to our DPS and defenses. Atziri step is also solid, offering dodge.

If using rares, go for the usual. Movespeed (25+), life, resists. Dodge can also roll on Temple of Atzoatl boots, which offers even more defense.

Ryslaths coil is one of the best belts for us! It offers a HUGE DPS boost (ignore min, go for the most Maximum (40) you can get), good life and stun boosts, and gives us +50 hp when we stun (which is often).

Doryianis Invitation (Global Physical) is a great budget build, offering Stun bonuses, good all res and a bit of dmg.

If going rare, look for a Stygian with life and resists, or a rustic or leather belt with the same.

These are filler slots, look for Life, Resists, physical damage to attacks. Be sure to add atleast one piece with x% of damage leeched as mana as this build does not get it on tree. You can spam Warbringer if you enjoy destroying keyboards.

1x Rapid Expansion is highly recommended; you can get it from Act 5 Quest Death to Purity. This increases Ground Slams AoE from a cone in front of you to a cone that is in front and to both sides of you. 2x Rapid Expansions increases the angle/AoE slightly more too, but it is not necessary as Jewels are a valuable source of Attack Speed, Life and Resists.

% Increases Maximum Life
Attack Speed - Attack Speed with Maces - Attack Speed with Two Handed Weapons
and then resists and stats as you need

For Abyss Jewels (Tombfists, Stygian, possibly tree) look for
25+ Maximum Life
Attack Speed
% to gain onslaught on kill/% blind on hit
Adds Physical damage to attacks


I like bleed remove, freeze remove, and curse remove on my flasks for mapping for safety.

I like a instant life flask, good for clutch healing + warbringer.

1. Consecrtated ground gives us life regen and 40% dmg, which is an entire 2h wheel in tree. Solid

2. Lions roar is self explanatory, gives a ton of DPS and armor is nice

3. Quicksilver is mandatory for zoom zoom

4. Since we do not have onslaught on tree or Abyss jewels, we get it here. Good dps and move speed

for uber elder i like to swap into

this gives us a bit if defense vs shaper balls and elder spears

i like move speed on it as it replaces my quicksilver

3. Gems and Links

(Vaal*) Ground Slam – Brutality – Ruthless - Concentrated Effect Melee Physical Damage – Fortify - (Pulverize** – Shockwave*** - Multistrike**** - Rage*****)

Awakened Brutality and Awakened Melee Physical are BiS, allowing us to drop Tombfists for intimidate and get extra stats via gauntlets.


Ground Slam. Our main ability. Strikes the ground in front of you, sending a cascade of spikes dealing damage. Has some built in scaling physical damage. The gem includes a MORE damage multiplier for enemies that are directly in front and centre of its AoE. It also includes "Reduces Enemy Stun Threshhold (or R.E.S.T) which reduces the damage necessary to stun enemies. Can be modified by Rapid Expansion, a Unique Jewel which increases its radius. The best Helmet Enchantment is "40% Increased Ground Slam Damage".

*Vaal Ground Slam offers both regular and Vaal Ground Slam in one gem! Try to pick it up early league and level with it; however you can always wait until later to grab one. It provides huge utility and quality of life. The effect is a massive AoE slam attack that is guaranteed to stun all non-stun immune (called unwavering) monsters in the game. It allows 3 charges to be stored, as well as having a very low soul requirement and cooldown period between getting new souls. Highly recommended and can be bought cheap.

**Pulverize can be swapped for Concentrated Effect or Increased Area of Effect, depending on your damage, current setup, intelligence requirements, # of rapid expansion jewels etc. Feel free to experiment and make the build your own!

***Shockwave is a Mace/Staff only skill; it adds a shockwave ability with a low cooldown (0.72s I believe) to attacks. It can aid in AOE clear for mapping; but feel free to swap for Ruthless or the above mentioned Conc Effect or Inc. AOE if you prefer! Ruthless should always be used on bosses.

****Multistrike was once king of Melee supports. It provides alot of Attack Speed, and the new ability to cancel allows for better QoL, so use it if you prefer the speed quick hits vs big chunky hits. Great for general mapping.

*****Rage support can be used to generate rage quicker and allows for flat physical, which is great for early league when items dont offer much + physical. Try it out!

Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - (Blood Magic* - Fortify**)

Leap Slam is our main movement ability; it will stun enemies on hit as well allowing for safer movement! Linking to Faster Attacks is Mandatory; it will greatly increase our clear speed and dodging ability. The last 2 links are optional; Blood Magic* is highly recommended (nothing is worse than trying to dodge but being out of Mana). Fortify** is only required if you do not use Fortify on your main Ground Slam setup.

Pride - Blood and Sand - Flesh and Stone

Our Aura Setup. Pride is the brand new Physical Aura that greatly increases our damage; while Blood and Sand and Flesh and Stone offer great utility. I like to link Maim to Flesh and Stone to increase the physical damage taken by enemies, but this isn't necessary.

Berserk - Enduring Cry / Rallying Cry - Increased Duration - Blood Rage

With the Warcry nodes we take on tree + Warbringer, every time we warcry (1.8s cd with 0 animation) we gain 25% max life and mana, 30% damage, 20% attack speed, 10% movement and cast speed. We can spam this at all time, or use it as a clutch heal.
Blood Rage offers much needed attack speed, however you can skip this if you do not like the Degen combined with the Berserker Rite of Ruin Degen.
Berserk offers great Burst DPS and defensive mitigation at the cost of DPS uptime. Use it when you need a big push of damage or defense, or when you are up against big mob packs like Legion, Breaches or bosses. It works well with Serkers own rage generation, and increased duration improves the time of our Warcries.

You can skip Berserk if you prefer having rage uptime and dont like pushing buttons.


Ancestral Warchief - (Maim - Chance to Bleed - any other Melee support)

A. Warchief greatly increases our damage, and offers some utility in clear and single target. Supporting it with Maim or Chance to bleed will increase our damage even more; and Chance to Bleed opens up opportunities to use Bloodlust support for boss killing. Feel free to support or not support, depending on your open sockets.

Cast When Damage Taken - Steel Skin - Stone Golem - (Enfeeble/Temp Chains/Phase Run) Increased Duration

Our CWDT setup, offers QoL and damage reduction. This is entirely optional. You can level this as high as you want for less procs, or keep it low level to proc often.

4. Bandit + Ascendancy + Pantheon

  • Kill them all, or Oak as an alternative.

  • Aspect of Carnage
  • War Bringer
  • Crave the Slughter
  • Rite of Ruin

War Bringer: The namesake for this build. Try to get the War Cry nodes by the time you spec into this (around merciless lab). This allows instant war cries with no animation, as well as other attack and move speed bonuses. If you do not like spamming Warcry, feel free to go Pain Reaver.

Alternatives: 3.8 Crave the Slaughter lost double dmg, so now its better to go Aspect First for easy story clear, then Warbringer, then rest of Rage once you hit Merc lab and Maps. If you want to skip Aspect , you will lose alot of damage but can go Pain Reaver, which gives free leech and some situation attack bonuses. I do not recommend skipping Rite of Ruin.

  • Major God - Lunaris for general mapping and Solaris for bossing.
    Arakalli offers chaos res, however we can no longer abuse the Blood Rage + Immortal call to proc the increased reovery.
  • Minor God – Map/boss dependent.
    Garuhan can be solid for the movement speed.
    Yugul is excellent for Elder and Uber Elder fights (cold damage)
    Gruthkul offers solid phys damage reduction and - attack speed for enemies
    Ralakesh is decent for lab farming or Trials
    Ryslatha is great for areas with no mobs, like Trials or Lab.
    Shakari is good for maps that have poison mod, or poison bosses.

5. Leveling + Skill Trees

No uniques are required as this build is fine for a league start. Check vendors regularly for Boots with movement speed, and the highest DPS 2H Mace you can find. Then vendor that mace with a whetstone and a blue (magic) or rare (yellow) rustic sash to get a weapon with # increased physical damage. If this is not your first character in the league, the usual: Goldrim, Tabula, Wanderlust, Belt of the Deceiver, Meginords Girdle, Facebreakers, Elreon -Mana Cost jewelry (int/dex/resists) and good 2h uniques, like Hrimnors Hymn/Hrimnors Dirge

Note that all gems are available from Lily Roth after clearing the Twilight Strand in Act 6

1. Low Level Tree

The early tree is very straight forward. We path straight through Warriors Blood, Born To Fight, Barbrism and head to Resolute Technique. Afterwards we grab Martial Experience for Damage, Physical damage pen and QoL Life Leech. Look for 2 handed maces with "Adds x to x Physical Damage to Attacks" and "x% Increased Physical Damage, although pretty much everything will be fine.

MainSkill: Ground Slam - Ruthless - Chance to Bleed/Onslaught
Main Skill 2: Ancestral Protector - Chance to Bleed
Mobility: Leap Slam
Aura - Blood and Sand

2. First lab + Main Tree

Now were getting places! Soul of Steel is one of my favorite defensive nodes, the rest being good Mace and 2h nodes. Consider Art of the Gladiator early before DPS if Dex is a gear bottle neck!

MainSkill: Ground Slam - Melee Physical - Fortify - Rage (Brutality - Multistrike - Pulverize/Concentrated Effect/Increased AoE (if you have Int))
Main Skill 2: Ancestral Warchief - Maim/Chance to Bleed
Mobility: Leap Slam - Faster Attacks
Utility: Enduring Cry, Berserk
Aura - Pride, Blood and Sand, Flesh and Stone

Consider lvling a Shockwave if you want to try it out as well!

3. Bring War to Them

Scream and shout and Smash your way through the story! We grab more Mace DPS nodes, as well as our WarCry Synergies with War Bringer!

MainSkill: Ground Slam - Melee Physical - Fortify - Rage (Brutality - Multistrike - Pulverize/Concentrated Effect/Increased AoE (if you have Int))
Mobility: Leap Slam - Faster Attacks
Utility: Enduring Cry, Berserk
Aura - Pride, Blood and Sand, Flesh and Stone

If you have extra slots, consider:

Main Skill 2: Ancestral Warchief - Maim/Chance to Bleed
Golem: Stone Golem
CWDT: Steel Skin, Enfeeble/Temporal Chains

After you complete Act 6 Lily will have all the skill gems you may have missed.

4. Final Skill Tree

At this point we reset of some of our Butchery Skills and get our Endurance Charge nodes, Scion life Wheel, and some increased Stun nodes. The Stun nodes are optional, but helps with Stunning T16 bosses and Shaper/Elder. At this point you can crush maps and bosses as your DPS and stun capabilities are very high.

6. Questions and Answers

I keep dying, whatsup?
This build is relatively tanky, but it is melee and does have Berserker Degen and increased damage taken drawbacks. Make sure your res are capped and you get +Life on all equipment!
A good life check is approx 300 life per act.. so 600 act 2, 900 act 3, 2100 act 7, 3000 act 10 etc. For maps and Merc/Uber lab I recommend 4.5-5.5k hp. Remember to dodge using your fast leap slams and use your Ancestral Warchief to kite a bit!

Why doesnt my Cast when Damage Taken work?
You may have over/under leveled it. CWDT has a lvl req, and can only support other skills at or under that lvl. Remember not to overlvl or underlvl it! You can stop a gem from lvling by right clicking it.

What about timeless jewels?
Absolutely! I've found good lethal prides myself. Good nodes include % chance to deal double damage, generic STR increases, Increased Effect of Fortify, and Increased Physical Damage. Experiment!

How can i do Physical Reflect maps?
If you really need to; you can convert all your damage to Elemental. Pick a skill such as Frost Blades, Ice Crash, Static Strike etc. Any skill that says "Converts x% of Physical Damage to X Elemental". Then, swap one gem in that skill to Physical To Lightning Support, and you will do 100% elemental damage. You can check this by looking at the tooltip for the skill.

You can also swap your gloves for Conversion gloves, like Hrimsorrow to get 100% elemental damage with Physical to Lightning support.

What if I like Sunder, or Earthquake better?
These both work excellently with this build! Be sure to add "Less Duration" to your skill setup for Earthquake and the helm Enchantment "Earthquake has 30% less duration. Sunder can use exact same as Ground Slam, so if you prefer its range or look, go for it! Both these skills offer less Stun capabilities however.

Earthquake in particular is an amazing leveling, mapping and boss killing skill. Vaal Earthquake is very satisfying to use,

Ahh yes, the current King of Melee. Cyclone is amazing in 3.7 patch and is great for this build as well. Add Infused Channeling as a support and you can spin like the rest of the Meta!

Can I go Slayer? What about Champion? Ascendant? INQUISITOR? CRITICALS?
These are all very viable for this build! We would need to drop some stun nodes to get Crit multi and Crit chance on tree. Slayer offers most QoL and Crit, as we can turn Tidebreakers 5% base crit chance into 8% with Overwhelm. Its AoE with Impact is also unmatched.

If you want to go Champion/Ascendant/Jugg/Inquis, consider going Axes ot Staves. These offer more DPS, more crit, and the ability to get FORTIFY as a 7th link on Elder'd versions items. I will begin working on a tree for these if there is interest.

True Ground Slam King - Slayer
Moses has arguably the best Ground Slam Setup, and he even did it on SSF!

Highly recommend watching his build guide if you feel you have alot of $$ and want to truly take Ground Slam to next level. Slayer crit node + aoe node is too strong for Ground Slam. Serker version is alot cheaper and more viable for league starts.


Precinct Farming? Whats that?
Precinct farming is something I will be trying in 3.8, hopefully. Precinct has alot of amazing div cards (2x exalt card, headhunter league card, merciless weapon card...)


It has 5-7 unique exiles as map bosses, which are typically considered one of the more RIPPY and dangerous bosses. Thus, this map isnt very popular.


None of these bosses are stun immune ;)

So we completely steamroll this map!!!!

Look forward to lots of diary and farming in the weeks to come.

How do I afford a Tidebreaker/Good DPS weapon?
Use the Whetstone recipe as often as possible until you can! Whetstone + white weapon + rare or magic rustic belt = increased physical weapon when you sell all 3 to a vendor.

When searching for DPS upgs weaps on trade site, enter number into the pDPS field (we do not care about elemental damage). Try 250+ early, then increase by 50 or so every now and then. You will find two hand maces are very cheap to buy from other players!

The Warlord div card drops from Arsenal map and is very low demand. You need 6 to create a 6 link Coronal Maul with item lvl 83. They can be 2-4c week one, and cheaper after that.

Craft it with Transmutes-alterations and look for T1/T2 Increased Physical Damage, and T1/T2 Adds x Physical Damage to attacks. Then use a regal and craft another dps mod (attack speed, double damage).

Or use a essence of Contempt (Deafening Essence of Contempt for best phys roll) and then play around with annuls and benches.

For Tidebreaker; look into The Deep Ones Card! 5 of them will make a Tidebreaker, and they are reasonable cheap at league start and only get cheaper as league goes on!

Poe.trade links (be sure to check which League you are searching!)


The Deep Ones

The Warlord

Ground Slam Enchantment Helmet

Rare Maces
250+ pDPS

300+ pDPS

350+ pDPS

400+ pDPS

400+ pDPS and 6 links


Mana Sustain
I think the only problem I've had is some mana issues right when you start using all 3 auras. I knew I could just drop an aura, or figure out other solutions, but I think a new player could get stuck. It might be worth adding in a line about which aura should be a priority, or how to solve mana issues (the mana potion mod that keeps mana regen going even if your mana pool tops off is great for this build)

If you find mana issues early, there a few things to try.

Drop a Aura to get more mana available. This is only for early game, as you will want all 3 at maps. Pride is biggest DPS, while Flesh and Stone offers defense and Blood and Sand is Utility. Pride only works for entire of story, since its DPS increase is by far the most meaninful.

Get mana leech, either on a ring, gloves, jewel.

Get Warbringer and spam a warcry

Use a mana flask/hybrid flask. Enduring is a new affix for mana flaska nd persist even while you are at full mana, ensuring you can always attack

7. Tips and Tricks
Vaal Ground Slam
Vaal Ground Slam is definitely a reason to pick up this build. It offers huge damage, huge AoE, guaranteed stun and has a incredible low Soul requirement and Soul Gain Prevention. On top of all that, it can store 3 charges! Use it liberally during mapping for blue and yellow packs, it will stun everything and outright kill most. It is great for Legion and Breaches, and other high density and tough mob packs.

Ahh yes, the bane of our stuns. 3.5 introduced the Immortal Syndicate, and they were moved into the main game in 3.6+. All Syndicate members have the Unwavering mod, which means they cannot be stunned. We must treat them with regular melee gameplay, and dodge alot. Popping A. Warchief and Berserk helps alot here, and Vaal Ground Slam still does very good DPS.

This mod shows up on certain bosses (Minotaur, Atziri, Syndicates, Delve bosses) as well as being a mod on map rolls. Because our DPS is so high, we can often ignore it on maps lower than t15. If you do roll it on a t15+, consider rerolling it to ensure stun safety.

Izaro and Lab
This build runs lab very well due to Warbringer heals and Stuns, as well as Rite of Ruin and Warcry movespeed.

Izaro is fully stunnable; this build is good for Lab carries.

Wrecking Ball, Kinetic Impacts, Butchery, Executioner, Martial Experience, Brinkmanship, Ribecage Crusher, Steadfast
Damage stops being our bottleneck, as we will stun everything that can be stunned. At that point, defenses and quality of life come into player. More regen, or more Life, is usually the better choice. However, this can vary depending on your gear, skill execution, and how you like to play the game.

Steadfast is also pretty excellent.

3.8 Annointments?
Tribal Fury is amazing for the Heavy Strike/Anc call
Tenacity Trescendance Cleansed Thoughts Aspect of Stone are all strong

Way of warrior is also insane

Will see how rare these are and add them to guide for recipes

Ruthless and MultiStrike
These two are a bit anti-synergistic. Ruthless counts "the number of times and attack is used" while Multistrike triples our usage. While you may think it will mean every third hit will get both Multistrikes 2nd repeat more and Ruthless Third hit More; it does not work this way. Instead, the 7th, 8th and 9th hit (third use of Multistrike) will get the Third Ruthless bonus. While not terrible, this is not ideal either. Feel free to swap them out for each other depending on bossing/mapping. Ruthless is MVP when it comes to bossing and is highly recommended.

Stutter Step and Dodging
In patch 3.7 Legion we got a MAJOR buff to Melee skills that can target ground (Ground slam). By holding right left click to move, and tapping right click for Ground Slam, we can stutter step. We cancel the back end animation of Groundslam, the AoE still hits and does area damage, but we are already moving, and then cancelling that movement into another Ground Slam! It is a very powerful and safe way to dodge and keep up DPS, and best of all it is pretty easy to learn! Check out the mapping or Uber Elder videos to see it in action!


anvilgod wrote:
Could you maybe add a Flask section under in-depth gear explanation? I know that lion's roar and flasks with bleed removal are BiS but maybe there are some options that are better for general mapping and some are better for uber bosses and it would be a good addition to your gear explanation.

Good questions!

Here are my current flasks.

I like bleed remove, freeze remove, and curse remove on my flasks for mapping for safety.

I like a instant life flask, good for clutch healing + warbringer. Dying at lvl 93 sucks xd

1. Consecrtated ground gives us life regen and 40% dmg, which is an entire 2h wheel in tree. Solid

2. Lions roar is self explanatory, gives a ton of DPS and armor is nice

3. Quicksilver is mandatory for zoom zoom

4. Since we do not have onslaught on tree or Abyss jewels, we get it here. Good dps and move speed

for uber elder i like to swap into

this gives us a bit if defense vs shaper balls and elder spears

i like move speed on it as it replaces my quicksilver

8. Thank You

Most credit goes to @Brightwaha

He has the best Heavy Strike Tidebreaker Stun build and I highly recommend that for more info if you enjoy this playstyle. He is always answering questions, check him out!

Big Shout outs to @Thi3n

who is by far one of the most knowledgable and friendly players. Check out his guides and stream!

Moses! https://www.twitch.tv/MosesPlays

He has an amazing GS Slayer guide which can help you choose between Slayer and Serker



The PA community

You the reader!

My Twitch:

Change Log
Aug 12/2019 - Build Guide Started, added Intro, Pros and Cons, Skills links, gear recommendations, bandits/ascend/pantheon, basic leveling tress and skills, questions and answers.

Aug 13/2019 - Cleaned up formatting, added Ground Slam AoE GIF. Added Cyclone, Earthquake and Sunder tips. Added The Warlord Div Card for 6 Link as well as a short crafting tip. Added Poe.Trade search links.

Aug 14/2019 - Added Mino Phoenix and Shaper Videos, added Legion League (3.7) gears. Added tips and tricks. Added more mapping and bossing videos.

Aug 15/2019 - Uber Elder Video added. Updated Pantheon

Aug 16/2019 - Another Uber elder added

Aug 19/2019 - Deathless Uber Elder added, new stunlock meme video added

Aug 20/2019 - Added Q/A and Crit/other classes viability

Sep 5/2019 - Updated Ascendancy route as we can use Rage gem until Merc lab. Buffs to build, updated POB for 3.8, add annointment

Sep 10/2019 - Day 5 of league, Uber Elder down. Flasks QA updated

Sep 14/2019 - Added Mana sustain QA

Sep 18/2019 - MF gear added, HH acquired in 3.8 league. Build goals fulfilled, start league, defeat all bosses, get $$$ for HH

Nov 12/2019 - eagerly awaiting 4.0 and 3.9 details from Exilecon! Added in Moses slayer video for true Ground Slam king

Dec 8/2019 - added Sporeguard to chest options based on feedback, extra annointment and explosions very good QoL

Dec 10/2019 - adcded 3.8 balance manifesto details

Dec 12/2019 - updated PoB, skill trees, gem to include Awakened Melee Phys and Awakened Brutality

Have fun and Smash Things =]
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Last bumped on Mar 30, 2020, 7:48:33 PM

T16 Guardians Stunlocked
Shaper Stunlocked

ilvl 83 Syndicate Safehouse (stun immune)

ilvl 83 Syndicate mastermind (stun immune)

Pure Xoph Breachstone Stunlocked

Delve 220+

Kurgal Stunlocked

Uber Elder stunned and DEATHLESS


Day 4 Uber Elder on League Start using 5 Link Tidebreaker stunned and DEATHLESS

Day 10, farmed t15 toxic sewers and t16 burial chambers to buy doctor cards

8/8 get

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3.8 progression

Day 1 Gear Blight SC

Story + half of white maps done

Found a Geofris, used it until i bought a Kongors with high dps for 3c. Could carry to early yellows easily. Found a rare chest with life + resists, using Wyrmsign for 1 alch price 5 link + Rampage. 2 raw exalt drops on day 1.

Day 2 Blight SCstunlocked uber izaro with the below gear

Bought 5x Deep ones cards for 4c and under, then 5 link prophecy card at 3c and under. Total cost = about 30c day 2, for 5 link. Used this tidebreaker to kill Uber elder

Bought a good MORE rsyalthas for about 14c, perfect lions roar for 10c

end of day 2 blight SC

Finished all white and yellow maps and uber lab, starting t11s and reds.

Bought perfect tombs for 3c, got a decent life + resist murderous for 1c

How i deal with Ele reflect maps on league start


all other map mods are easy

Day 4 Uber elder kill gear, 5 link tidebreaker deathless


Mf gear, used to farm t15 toxic sewer and t16 burial chambers to buy HH


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Reserved just in case
Would appreciate a video or 2 of red maps and guardians if possible. Thanks!
X70A wrote:
Would appreciate a video or 2 of red maps and guardians if possible. Thanks!


T16 Corrupted Phoenix Map. The adds can cause trouble even if we stun Guardian so sometimes we will need to kill them.

T16 Corrupted Minotaur map. Minotaur is stun immune (Unwavering) so we must play like normal melee, dodging big hits and dpsing.

Shaper Kill, including Stunlocking
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More videos added:

T4 Strand (good and easy Legion farming)

T13 Tower (+ 3x Incursions)

220+ Delve

Corrupted Chimera (we stun him so much his animation bugs

Lair of the Hydra (easiest Guardian for this build, just watch for the frostorbs)

ilvl 83 Syndicate safehouse (they are Unwavering so we must dodge)

Pure Xoph Breachstone
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Awesome, going to start leveling one! :D Thanks!
X70A wrote:
Awesome, going to start leveling one! :D Thanks!

Glad to hear it! Let me know if you have any questions
Uber Elder

Got quite a few stuns, but alas the phases is where we die. A more skilled player could do it deathless, I will keep trying ^^

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