The Celestial Lightning Trap Effect - The Apocalypse Mystery Box Returns

Gwonam wrote:
鬼殺し wrote:
Celestial is fast becoming synonymous with 'quick, dirty and easy mtx creation'. Lacking in substance and value. i.e. 'quick, dirty and easy'.

I'm so sick of Celestial MTX at this point. Actually, I was sick of it about a year ago, but it's so prevalent at this point that I really want to see other themes explored. We've gotten - no joke - eight Celestial MTX within the past month alone.

Whatever happened to the Stygian MTX? Abyssal? Phantasm? Ghostflame? What if we tried something like Chrome/Mercury-themed MTX, ala chrome mobs/Daresso's Devotion footprints? Heck, I totally expected a slew of ghostly MTX somewhere during Betrayal league. Yet it never came. Imagine if we could recolor our spells to look like Catarina's.

They probably wouldn't sell like Celestial. Cosmic purple is all the rage right now, it seems.

What happened? Its really quite simple.

Celestial sells (my hunch is significantly better)

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
- Abraham Lincoln
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Gwonam wrote:

They probably wouldn't sell like Celestial. Cosmic purple is all the rage right now, it seems.


Honestly, those who hate Celestial and want the developers to stop making them (btw that's not necessarily what the person I'm replying to is doing) while knowing and acknowledging celestial sells more than what they want are basically saying

"Devs, make less money so you can appeal to what *I* want instead of what lots of other people want!"

I mean, sure, everyone has the right to complain but in cases where people want GGG to change things, it's kinda like, what do you expect them to do about it?
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Simply gorgeous! I like the celestial stuff, very pretty.

BUT... I do wish there was a way to turn off the visuals of everyone's attacks except my own in a group because sometimes I enjoy seeing what's going on.

Best wishes keep up the good work!
The music is too loud. We can't hear the skill sound effect.
I have to admit I am surprised that GGG rolls out this one now rather than when lightning trap was somewhat popular.
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I would really like to change my Lightning Trap to get rid of the sound it makes when firing off 20 at once. But I can't hear the sound due to the music in this video. Does anyone know if this has a better sound than regular LTrap?

just copy paste mapcap aura... profit...

<3 U
Break your urns boys
The music is too loud. We can't hear the skill sound effect.
GGG: *Makes Celestial MTX*
Most Players: Nice! But we still need Celestial MTX for "X"
Couple Players: OK, but this just an easy cash grab and overdone.

SOMEONE will complain whether GGG does something or not. Just deal with it. And if the popular decision happens to be a money making decision, then that's the better decision to make.
Woot woot.... so happy this has come out.
The noise of the normal mtx drove me nuts so much i stopped playing the character...
Big thumbs up for me.

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