Legion Statistics: Unique Items and Areas

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sweet stats!
Alleyways would've taken the top spot if the Legion pillar spawns in the cave of Glacier most of the time instead, same old Betrayal/Harbour Bridge all over again.

Key point was Legion is REWARDING, like so rewarding to even casual players(3-4hours per day) Majority of the people would definitely go with the most efficient way to farm the most currency including myself. The high tiered maps don't even come close in terms of reward. Farming watcher's eye is too much effort compared to an Alch and go Glacier, rinse and repeat.

My first league to have farmed over 200 exalts instead of flipping the dam trade websites and it felt good AF. I'm able to complete high tier builds in a pretty fast pace rather than wiping drool looking at those builds in PoE Ninja.

GGG will need to revamp/create some low level unique gears to have pseudo 6-7 links on a 4 link for us to ditch the Tabula...

arknath wrote:
darktuga wrote:
fun thing , that the top 10 maps are all WHITE FUCKING MAPS does this info tell you something is extremely wrong with your game?

How is this surprising? A vast number of players never reached red maps, some even never yellow. You would be surprised by how many people play this game casually.

On top of that the league mechanic makes the white maps rewarding. There is nothing "extremely wrong with your game"-shenanigangs going on whatsoever. It is a perfectly natural statistic

Totally agree. I have 3 characters and my highest is level 87. I am just getting into yellow maps . My best DPS is 100K and consider myself an average player

Love this game and all of its end game content....especially maps :)
xtractor2015 wrote:
Totally agree. I have 3 characters and my highest is level 87. I am just getting into yellow maps . My best DPS is 100K and consider myself an average player

Actually, you're looking at this the wrong way: casual players that don't even hit 90 simply don't run that many maps in a league before petering out.

Hence, even if they make up a minority of the players, serious, driven people are going to account for the majority of maps run, simply because they run so many of them; typical player might do less than 100 maps in 3 months, while these are people doing that many per day; thousands (or tens of thousands) per league is common for these folk.

If it was sorted ENTIRELY based upon the "well, players don't reach far," then the most-run maps would be first the four T1s, followed by the 6 T2s, all above all T3+ maps. Instead, it's not.
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the area's sorted by deaths makes me smile!

this, "The Blood Aqueduct" wonder if they will ever do something about bots xd
Nephalim wrote:
I really hope low level farming being so incredibly cost effective vs high end farming will be addressed in 3.8.

I understand casual players need a way to make money but not to the extent that it is numerically superior than most end game content.

Agree 100%.
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Sinxar wrote:
Awesome! Are we going to need a PhD in astrophysics too understand the next league after this mechanically simple one? We'll just have to wait and find out!

This makes me smile
"statistics", gives excatly zero numbers, there is not even one "%"...

I really, really hope those statistics were written by your PR departament, while your analitical/statistics departament as a whole was on vacation.

Here have more awesome "statistics" :
Dogs have more heads than cats.
Humans have 1.93 legs
Half of Humans doesnt know they are half of the world population XD

Its like with everything with ggg, its awesome they give statistics.. but the delivery..

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