[PS4] 3.7.4 Patch Notes

got your point I'm an affected player as well but complaining at least here on this Ps4 patch section won't do any difference that's what I'm saying mate
joshkozi wrote:
Malthaeth wrote:
I always get all excited thinking they will fix the lag xd

Lag is a server problem. Unless they decrease the graphics or upgrade their servers its not going to be fixed. They are well aware of this and they dont care. Kinda makes me mad

Very true. Maybe they should throw in some new hardware related to their servers, 'cause these rubberbanding effects and most, if not all, desync errors can be resolved with a less crowded infrastructure.
Gilliam9 wrote:
On my ps4 pro I get the following issues making leveling past 94 impossible so I dont even try any more.

Blue screen crash (resulting death) 6x a day

Rubber banding after leap slam (continuous, all day resulting in slow gameplay and death)

3 second stutter freezes (not relating to graphical or fps drops, also resulting in multiple deaths a day)

To put briefly, my effective max level in PoE is level 94 and cant be avoided any other way. These myriad of issues are a guaranteed constant, almost like scrolls of wisdom dropping.

Not complaining, because 94 is good enough to still farm currency and have fun, just letting you know these problems exist and make the game not playable to how it was supposed to be enjoyed.

Obviously I cant play hardcore mode as well.

Thanks for your game. Best game I've ever played.

Well done!!
Instead of posting basically this same comment. I will just agree. Except I can't get past 93 :) The grind is real and I love it! It is just very frustrating to loose 10% experience because I literally cant move or I sheild charge and it shows me the animation but I am actually just standing there getting reckt.

It would be amazing to hit 100. But I dont see that happening. Hey.. maybe next season!
Gau BOOM!! Bigggg Bada BOOOM
got blessed with a lot of patience to 96.
WHEN 'll u think to rework market, add report for scamming ???
i have a tonns of scams every day and with a miss click,an **** trade an useless fossile for 10 ex,rlly great !, and spamming ?? some guys doing rlly wrong offering and keep asking , no report, no block .

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