[3.8] The Gen Chief Berserker | 🐾GoccuNinja🐾 League Starter | All Content | ~2-6M+

0. Intro
1. Videos
2. Pro & Contra
3. Ascendancy
4. Pantheon
5. Skilltree
6. Bandits
7. Defense & Offence
8. Gear
-> 8.1 Overview Gear
-> 8.2 Detailed Gear
9. Usefull Enchantments
-> 9.1 Helmet
-> 9.2 Boots
-> 9.3 Gloves


Hi Everybody, remember the Gen Monk in D3? This Build work very similar.

I added a low Budget Section for League Starter.

Short Mechanics Explanation:
This Build works around the Berserker Ascendancy "Rite of Ruin" and "Blitz". The Ascendancy "Rite of Ruin" triple the effect of Rage, and Blitz give you almost all time 40% more Attack speed. Together with the Berserk Buff. which consumes Rage and give more Multiplier to Attack Speed.

Alltogether these "charges" up your Totems, which is the Main Damage Source for Bosses.

I use Cyclone or Flicker Strike for Leech and Fortify and I use Ancestral Warchief Totems for Single Target. Once Rage and Blitz Stacks are on maximum Stacks, you can then Weapon Swap to the High DPS Weapon (Starforge / Doomsower) and use your Totems together with Double Strike for Single Target.

[Update 23.07.2019]
To be able to run Delves, I changed out Flicker Strike with Cyclone. Cyclone clear very well, if you don't like Flicker Strike. In Theory, you can use any other Melee Skill, instead of Cyclone or Flicker Strike.

The Build is stacking up to 50 Rage, and 20 Blitz Stacks. Those increases your overall Agility (Attack Speed, Movement Speed).

Optimally you want to face the Boss with maximum Rage and Blitz Stacks, and keep your Vaal Skills. Then use Vaal Double Strike and Vaal Haste. Use Vaal Molten Shell for Survivability. Weapon Swap to Totems and put 3 Totems on the Boss. Then using Vaal Ancestral Warchief. To even increase the Damage to maximum, we now go close Range, and pull Berserk. This will give us a small Time window of even more Attack Speed and Damage, and more Survivability. But be careful with Berserk! Use it wisely, it will make you loose all your Rage very fast. I am using Solstice Vigil to increased the time having Berserk up.

For faster Mapping, I am using the Skyforth Sorcerer Boots for increased Mana, and chance to get Power Charges on standalone Map Bosses.

For Uberlab it is more safe to unspec VP and use Rare Boots.

Update 07-08-2019 Uber Elder (not deathless though ;D)

Shaper (Doomsower/Bramblejack)

T13 Terrace on Budget Friendly (Base Price: 25-30c) Gear:

Red Elder, deathless

T16 Maze of the Minotaur, deathless, fast

T12 Park

~ 6k Life
~2k ES
8-10k armor
40% phys damage reduction (82% with Crab Barriers)
Immune to Bleed
Slayer Life Leech
High Mobility
High Survivability
Doesnt require expensive Gear

- no phys reflect
- Sometimes hard to get Rage and Blitz on Bosses
- advanced playstyle, not for beginners


We take the Berserker Class for MAX ATTACK SPEED

First we go to War Bringer to get instant Heal.
next we go Grave the Slaughter for enable Rage.
Next we go Flawless Savagery to increase crit Chance and Damage.

we DONT take Pain reaver. We get enough Life leech from Martial Experience and we get Mana leech from Jewels or Gear. Look for "X% of physical damage leeched as mana" on Jewels/Rings or Gloves.

For Red Elder or Uber Elder, we take War Bringer instead of Blitz, that will help a lot! with Survivabilty even any Flask up.


SOUL OF LUNARIS - It helps against Porcupines

I am using SOUL OF GRUTHUKUL against Porcupines.

Skilltree and Pastebin

We take Martial Experience for Life Leech and Recovery Rate.

Next take Razors Edge, Devotion and Barbarism for Life and DPS.

And then we head on towards the Duelist Area:

We spec to the Battle Cry Keystone. Battle Cry removes the Cast Time on Enduring Cry. That will make you able to use Enduring Cry while Flicker Strikying, and get Endurance Charges while Attacking.

In the Bottom right corner, we have a Glorious Vanity Timeless Jewel. The Number on the Jewel is not important, but it must be one of the Name of Doryani. It enables the "Corrupted Souls Keystone. This gives us 1k+ ES, and together with the Soul Tether (4c) we also get ES Leech and Slayer Leech!

We take some Life and crit nodes around the Duelist Area.

We skip the Sword nodes Executioner and Wrecking Ball.
(We get enough Attack Speed from Rage and Blitz, and get more damage with Crit Multi).

Finally boost our damage with Disemboweling (in the Left Bottom Corner Berserker section)


Here is my current Pastebin Level 89:

Level 100 Pastebin:

Kill all Bandits

Hideout Stats with Flasks

Budget Gear Overview

Expensive Gear Overview

Super crazy Endgame Gear Overview, All content easy peasy

Gear Details

Starforge is an expensive Option, which increased DPS by applying Schock

The Doomsower is our Budget Option. It gives up to 500pdps, and cost only 1c.

If you cannot afford a Craiceann's Carpace, a Bramblejack will do!

Upgrade it via the Prophecy to the Wall of Brambles, which give us up to 2500 Armor.
I used it before I could 6L my Craiceanns. A 6L Bramblejack is 20c on POE.Trade

Use Rare Gloves with Res and Life. I use an Elder one in my expensive Setup. It has a socketed Faster Attacks mod, which increases my Leap Slam Speed.

Body Gem Setup:
Ancestral Warchief, Melee Physical Damage, Mutiple Totems Support, Bloodlust, Ruthless, Concentrated Effect

Bloodlust give 50%+ more phys damage but our Totems dont apply bleeding. We use double Strike to apply bleeding.

Doomsower / Starforge Gem Setup:
Vaal Double Strike, Rage Supprt, Multistrike, Melee Physical Damage Support, Ruthless, Fortify

BIS Body Armour and Cheap (20c on market). It gives up to 2.5k Armor, Good Life, Nice Fire/Cold Res, Bleed Immunity. And it gives us Aspect of the Crab, which give us additional 30% physical damage reduction and safe us from getting one shot.

We use double strike on Bosses and single Target. It give us Fortify, apply bleed, which boost the DPS for Ancestral Warchief Totems.

Gem Links for Terminus Est:
Fortify, Flicker Strike, Multistrike, Melee Splash, increased critical Strikes, Anestral Call

If you prefer Cyclone:
Fortify, Cyclone, Pulverise, Rage, increased area of effect, Maim

If you need more damage, you can swap out increased area of effect with infused channeling.
Fortify, Cyclone, Pulverise, Rage, infused channeling, Maim

You can also use Bladestorm:
Bladestorm, Fortify, Impale, Rage, increased critical damage, Maim

Bladestorm can be especially Handy if you can't get close to the Enemy to leech Life. It will create a Storm, which constantly damages the Enemy, and give you Life/Mana Leech and stach up Rage+Blitz.

We use Terminus Est which give us Frenzy Charges on Hit. It has other good stats as well, like Attack Speed, increased Phys, and movement speed is also nice to have.

Gem Setup:
Cast When Damage Taken (lv 20), Ice Golem, Immortal Call, Vaal Molten Shell

Abyssus, for DPS (In my Opinion, BIS)
Another Option: Devoto's Devotion for 20% increased Movement Speed and more Defense. If you need the Tankyness.

We use High LVL CWDT linked with Immortal Call and Ice Golem and Vaal Molten Shell. Keep your Vaal Molten Shell under 21 to enable auto cast Molten Shell with CWDT.

We cast Vaal Molten Shell for Tankyness.

The Oskarm Gloves give Assassins Mark on Hit. Better would be a rare Shaper Ring with Assassins Mark on Hit and you can use rare Gloves, for example:

Gem Setup:
Leap Slam, Enduring Cry, Vaal Haste, Blood Magic

Rare Gloves, with Life, Res, missing Stats.
BIS: Rare Elder Gloves with "Supported by Level x Faster Attacks" for more mobility, Attack Speed, Add x to x Physical Damage, Crit Multi.

Get Rare Boots with Armour or ES based Boots with Life, res, Movement Speed:

I am using Skyforth at the Moment of writing this Guide, because it fits very good into my Build and gives me 25% Chance to gain a Power Charge:

Gem Setup:
Berserk, Precision (lv 1), Pride, Enlighten

Soul Tether give us Slayer Life Leech. This enable us to leech ES instead of Life when at full Life. We use a Timeless Jewel Together with the "Corrupted Soul" Keystone in the bottom right corner of the Skilltree to Boost our ES.

Use the Timeless Jewel, important is the one with the Doryani Roll. It enables the "Corrupted Souls" Keystone and is socketed in the bottom right corner Jewel Socket.

In my Endgame Setup I use Solstice Vigils to increase the Berserk Buff. It also helps Sustaining Rage and Blitz during Mapping.

Other Options:

Phys Damage, Crit Multi, Melee Attack Range, Melee Damage, missing Stats, Life

I use a Shaper Ring with Assassins Mark on Hit.
I also additionally have the Shaper roll with additionally x% chance to Shock (it is a Shaper mod, up to 10% possible). It increaes the Chance to shock if we using the Starforge.

Try using Diamond Ring with Life, Res, ES, Crit Multi, Add x to x Phys to attacks, missing Stats:

If you have the currency, get a Tempered Flesh Jewel

socketed near the Slaughter Node. This give you crit multi.

Useful Enchantments

For DPS:
40% increased Ancestral Warchief Totem Damage
Ancestral Warchief Totem grants 30% increased Melee Damage while Active
40% increased Flicker Strike Damage
9% increased Flicker Strike Damage per Frenzy Charge

For more Mobility:
30% increased Flicker Strike Cooldown Recovery Speed

For more Survivablity and Damage (I didnt get this Enchant yet, but I think this will be the most fun):
#% increased Double Strike Attack Speed

10% chance to Freeze, Shock and Ignite if you haven't Crit Recently
8% chance to Dodge Spell Damage if you've taken Spell Damage Recently
10% Chance to Dodge if you've taken a Critical Strike Recently
10% increased Movement Speed if you haven't been Hit Recently

Commandment of Reflection for defense
Commandment of Fury for DPS

Thanks for Reading this Build Guide. I wish you a lot of fun :) If you have any question, feel free to ask me here or ingame. My Legion IGN is "GoccuTotems"
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amazing build guide <3
Thank you! I appreciate any Kind of Feedback :)

I have added a new Video "T12 Kitava fight on Lava Lake" and doing a General there as well. I used Berserk too early while fighting the General but otherwise clean run.
I have added a Shaper run in the Video section, if anyone is interested.
I have changed the Title and added a low Budget Section.
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I have added a Low Budget T13 Terrace run Video in the Video Section.
nice guide
ingame: _vio_
I added Video doing Shaper on Leveling Gear, total Cost 49C, Check it out!
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Uber Elder Down bro's!
I will upload the Video asap. Thanks!
Update on Ascendancy:
I did a little change to the Ascendancy. Instead of Rite of Ruin, im taking War Bringer. This makes me tanky AF

Trying to make a good Uber Elder Video now.
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I have added a Uber Elder Youtube Video
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