PvP best build without rules?

Hi, Guys I am new to pvp build

Can you guys tell me best PvP build in 3.7 without any rules?

I will just play for fun with my firends

I know max block scorching ray gladiator or GC mine sabo is good.

But is there better and easier build for 1vs1 without rules?

Thank you!
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What kind of cyclone build? Gladiator Full block?
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pick a high damage low investment skill , pick divine flesh , incan heart and molten shell. It should do well, from there you can adjust your damage needed.
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Aodui wrote:

(I don't recall them un-nerfing things like Puncture, so really not sure on the wiki)

Currently that wiki page contains all the data available in patch notes.
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There really isn't a clear best build at the moment.. If I had to pick one with the least amount of clear counters I would probably say bows and ball lightning trappers. They have very few weaknesses if any (even after the crazy amount of recent nerfs to ball lightning trapper).

A list of gg builds depending on cost to make the build "viable":

Ball lightning Sire of Shards trapper/miner

GC miner

Mediocre/expensive cost:

Molten Shell + Incandescent Heart + Divine Flesh tank combined with any overpowered melee skill or a spell

CI/lowlife caster combined with any overpowered spell

Lowlife caster with legacy Indigon

Discharge with Farrul's chest

Expensive as shit:

Overpowered abilities are basically any skills that hit multiple times per cast or flameblast/discharge as exceptions.

In short, just make a ball lightning sire of shards trapper/miner. It is op as fuck still, simple to make and most importantly cheap.
lapiz wrote:

Expensive as shit:

Tornado Shot and Barrage still alive in pvp?
lapiz wrote:

Expensive as shit:

Tornado Shot and Barrage still alive in pvp?

Barrage not needed cause aoe skills deal enough damage to ~1shot almost anything from 2 screens away. ROA is the best skill shortly followed by TR and LA.

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