[3.7] Happy's Low Life Cold DoT Occultist (Vortex+Cold Snap)

Hi, can you upload a map clear video, I know it's not going to be like meta clear the map in seconds, cuz it's a boss killer build, but I just wanna see how fast it clears. Sorry if I'm asking for too much. Also can you explain how to craft the weapon cuz I'm kinda new to the game and stuff..
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Hey JubZyy! I just got back from vacation, sorry for the slow response. About crafting the wand: I usually spend around 2k alterations to hit the cold dot damage. What you do is get a ilvl 85 opal wand base and spam alterations until you hit the cold dot. Then regal it and pray for rng. If its not cold damage or spell damage just try to annul it until you hit the single cold dot damage. When you finally got the correct base just multimod and craft the way I crafted it (it's the best way). About the map clear video. Here you are:

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