Legion Generals FFA Showcase

Where are promised build showcases and hideout showcases?
interesting idea ; this makes me think the next april 1st could be about emulating TFT instead of Battle Royale ;)

april fool's TFT with all the mobs from the game in the roster, i see it.

Is the winner really the strongest? it looked like a bunch of random actions on random targets heh.
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I kinda expected Sanctus Vox would win.
Constant Invul + regen phases make this boss a beast.
Send them into a Grandmaster's map one at a time...
Vox decided to take to the battlefield wearing actual armour, rather than rags and shiny lights. Should no be that upsetting that he won through sheer practicality.

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Dalnor73 wrote:
Send them into a Grandmaster's map one at a time...

LOL, yes, this is a better idea.
wtf Vox?
oh i didn't know he had a culling strike
why did the maraketh boss not die when his lifebar was empty ?

i think the match is buggy.
why 1 boss "left" when hit 25%? lag?
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