Streamer Interview - Uberelite

Underrated streamer. Glad he got a feature-- Hope to see him at ExileCon.
Never heard of the guy. [Removed by Support]

But I'm going to check him out.
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What would you like to see in future leagues?

On a serious answer, in terms of league mechanics I think something that's a little more boss killing focused and less clear speed oriented is good.

Haha, that's a nice dream.
But with mechanics like breach, incursions, betrayal transport/research & of course the legion monoliths, the speed meta will never be conquered.

Just try to play the game as a true tank. Defenses above all, but only a little damage. You're doomed to miss most of the content because it's always balanced for speed/damage.
AND there is no true defenses in this game. There's always an enemy which one-shots you :D
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@Natalia_GGG May we have interview from someone from ru community? e.g. chistor_ is most popular one there
support u guys!
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its fucking 2019 ive heard video sharing tools are kinda advanced

why is interviews done like this lmao
Great interview from a true legend.

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