Streamer Interview - Uberelite

Ty gl ss surfs up
Interview Alkaiser
Supreme Leader of the SUPER CUTE WALRUS CLAN
Never really heard of this guy. But he seemed to have joined around the same time as me.
IGN: JerleKingSlayer/JerleTS/GGG_forcedmeto_ED
Thanks for the hat Uberelite
Literally one of the kindest and most helpful streamers in the HC community.
Has helped me multiple times with advanced crafts and general advice. He has a unique playstyle and usually creates off meta build ideas. Very open and friendly person go check him out!
Always enjoy watching his streams; I learn a lot from just watching. Glad to see him featured.
Funny, I read it as Uberlite and was like, is that when you give a drunk stranger a ride home in a wheelbarrow?

I recognise the forum name but didn't know it was owned by a famous streamer. Cool.

"I fear the developer of one game, especially one that praises its reddit community and ignores its own official forum." -- St Thomas Aquinas

Official Oni-no-Oniichan of the Path of Exile forums. *headtilt*
One of the best! So glad Uber got some love. Dude's been around forever, and makes great content. Remember that time he saved Llama's D2 run at GDQ? Or was that someone else, and Uber was just on the couch? Also a great POD community member!
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Thank you for interview! One of the best friendly HC streamers!

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