3.7.3b Patch Notes

BizzzON wrote:
no update fro Blade Flurry no damage\empty channeling\rotate lock yet =(.... this skill literally unplayable cuz u cant hit ti. GG please pay attention on it

RIGHT! This is also an issues that is preventing me from getting of the fucking cyclone meta to get back to my beloved blade flurry :/
Is it safe to make a flicker strike character already? So sad that the comeback of flicker strike got ruined by piles of bugs with the skill.
more crashes pls :D
Is there gonna be a fix to people with certain graphic's card or is legion league gonna keep giving people FPS drops. Certain graphic card users are experiencing a high fps drop when they click on monolithes cause the entire game to freeze for 3-4 secs.
Took you guys a month to fix uber elder but I'll forgive you.

For now /rolls around
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Hopefully this helps the server quality which has been trash the entire expansion.

a simple QOL thing might be a portal from delve which spawn when you return to the mine upgrade area, so you dont lose your drops of the node you just completed ;)
Fixed a bug where /dance would not work on Predictive networking mode.
Now we talking about important fixes :D
Where fix Flame Dash? when 3th press and no work.

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