3.7.3b Patch Notes

lets hope this works.
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
Is Legion almost out of Beta yet?
Will this fix the issue of leap slam performing a second cast on its own at high attack speeds?
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Glad that dancing bug got fixed, Ill do it whenever I kill a shaped/eldered map boss and it still drops an unshaped/uneldered map variant.
Fixed a bug where a single skill could sometimes be used multiple times in succession if another skill was used while you were holding down the original skills keybind.

I really hope this is what caused my whirling blades to sometimes instantly whirl me back where I came from. Was so endlessly annoying I smashed walls when it killed me.
hoping bug with whispers/client.txt fixed
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nooo, uber elder is dull again, shaper port was the best addition to the fight ever
Let's hope no hidden legion nerf.
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no update fro Blade Flurry no damage\empty channeling\rotate lock yet =(.... this skill literally unplayable cuz u cant hit ti. GG please pay attention on it

Yay uber shaper fixed :P i can finally attempt it
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