The Legion League has been live for almost a month which means it's time to gather some statistics! Last week we talked about the class and Ascendancy breakdown in this league, and today we'll have a look at the number of challenges players have completed as well as the number of times people have opened the Domain of Timeless Conflict.


This graph shows what percentage of players have how many challenges and only includes accounts that have completed at least one challenge.

Challenge Progress (of Players With >=1)

  • 18.15% of players have completed 12 challenges and earned the Monolith Helmet.
  • 2.65% of players have completed 24 challenges and earned the Monolith Aura.
  • 0.31% of players have completed 36 challenges and earned the Monolith Wings.

The Domain of Timeless Conflict

Below we listed the statistics of how many times players have opened the Domain of Timeless Conflict with various combinations of the Legion factions.

Two Factions:
  • Eternal, Karui: 89440
  • Eternal, Maraketh: 445
  • Eternal, Templar: 2413
  • Eternal, Vaal: 19800
  • Karui, Maraketh: 616
  • Karui, Templar: 2683
  • Karui, Vaal: 42538
  • Maraketh, Templar: 276
  • Maraketh, Vaal: 394
  • Templar, Vaal: 2144

Three Factions:
  • Eternal, Karui, Templar: 3532
  • Eternal, Karui, Maraketh: 841
  • Eternal, Karui, Vaal: 101737
  • Eternal, Maraketh, Templar: 141
  • Eternal, Maraketh, Vaal: 291
  • Eternal, Templar, Vaal: 1352
  • Karui, Maraketh, Templar: 211
  • Karui, Maraketh, Vaal: 507
  • Karui, Templar, Vaal: 2523
  • Maraketh, Templar, Vaal: 111

Four Factions:
  • Karui, Maraketh, Templar, Vaal: 651
  • Eternal, Karui, Maraketh, Vaal: 5564
  • Eternal, Karui, Maraketh, Templar: 770
  • Eternal, Karui, Templar, Vaal: 85309
  • Eternal, Maraketh, Templar, Vaal: 419

All Five Factions:
  • Eternal, Karui, Maraketh, Templar, Vaal: 57256

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Markath emblems too rare qq
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0.31% here!
Markath emblems too rare qq

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Loving the league so far!
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Markath emblems too rare qq

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