[3.7] Herald of Agony JUGG -- 8.5k life -- ALL CONTENT DONE ON HC LEGION

Hi yall,

TL;DR: Very tanky, decent dps.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/hihGi2ap

Character Sheet: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Supersausage/characters?characterName=NANSUS_AGONY

Inspired by Zizaran, I made a HoA Juggernaut in HC Legion league.

As it turns out, this is now the first build I've killed The Shaper or Uber Atziri with.

Pros and Cons

- Very high life (~8.5k)
- Very high phys mitigation (90%/max)
- Very high ele mitigation (80/79/79 max res + 8% ascendancy + 8% pantheon)
- Decent chaos mitigation (+/- 20% res + 5% pantheon)
- Chill most enemies (~30% of damage is cold damage)
- ~35% life regen/sec
- Fortify (with Vigilant Strike)
- You can focus on dodging attacks while your minion does damage

- Expensive
- Clearspeed is only ok; could be better
- Can't do "No regen" maps

Core mechanics

- 9 Endurance charges, 45% phys mitigation
- ~10k armor, helps mitigate phys damage
- Saffel's Frame unique shield, +4% all max res
- Juggernaut ascendancy,
- No freeze
- No stun
- 5% less damage taken
- Phys damage taken regenerated as life
- A lot of armor
- Endurance generation
- Better endurance charges/+9% phys mitigation
- 36% chaos res
- 8% reduced elemental taken

- Maim
- Chill
- Knockback
- Minions taunt
- Never stand still -playstyle
- Vigilant strike gives 30sec Fortify
- ~35% life regen
- ~8.5k life

- Herald of Agony is imbalanced; it can easily deal 500k dps without much scaling at all. Basically all you need to do is keep the Virulence stacks up and all is good.
- Poison stacks are kept up with Storm Brand linked with Poison and Lesser poison supports
- We also use The Golden Rule to self-poison, which increases our chaos res and also gives us more Virulence stacks
- EE helps
- Fossil crafted helmet works as a pseudo 6-link
- The weapon has "Trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill", which automatically casts Projectile weakness, Desecrate and Flesh Offering

My gear


This weapon is very bad; it only gives me a small amount of resistance.

It's actually super easy to craft these kinds of helmets. Just spam minion fossils and I'd say you're 99% guaranteed to get a good helmet in 10 tries.

Not necessary, but it's definitely the best option if you have the money.

Almost a core item. You could of course replace it with a shield that gives more life or more armor or whatever you like really. The +4% max res is really hard to beat, because there's really no other way to mitigate elemental damage other than boosting max resistances.

It's actually very nice to have a mana regen enchant on your boots. Without it, your clear speed suffers a fair amount.

Not necessary at all. A rare pair of gloves will do just fine. The extra cold damage does let you chill more enemies though.

Can be expensive. But the increased life recovery is important because this build can't leech, meaning it has to rely on regen, which is hard to scale to high numbers.

Because this build can't leech, these rings are almost a necessity, because they are basically the only way to make this build regen enough health to feel comfortable.

Just some stats, life and resistances.

Recovers all your health when pressed. No other life flask can really compete.

Blind is nice. Bleed immunity is nice.

Additional phys reduction against big hits is nice. Shock immunity is nice. Can swap out for ignite immunity if need be.

Extra damage and regen is nice. Curse immunity is nice.

Can be replaced with anything really. Moving faster just feels good.

I'll add the jewels here at some point. Basically, they are "The Vigil", "The Golden Rule" and rare jewels with life and resistances. You can of course try to find a good legion jewel to replace any of the rare jewels.

Upgrades I could make

I've already done everything the game has to offer, but there are still a lot of upgrades available to me.

List of upgrades I could make, in order from cheapest to most expensive:
- Quality gems
- Get a level 21 Herald of Agony
- Get a weapon with more relevant stats (+80% minion damage, +20% cast speed

- Get a better amulet (+50 more life, more resists, better implicit [marble/talisman])
- Get better boots (+30 more life, more resists)

- Get a better belt (+70 more life, more resists)
- Get better jewels (more damage, more resists)
- Get a better helmet (+50 more life, more resists)
- Replace Maim support with Empower lvl 4 (10% more damage)

- Divine all items
- Corrupt all items that don't have good implicit modifiers
- Level up to level 100

Doing all this would take my life total from 8.5k to 10.5k and my dps from about 500k to about 850k. Doing all this would be absurdly expensive.

How to level this build

How I leveled

- I leveled up to about level 40 with melee skills and then started using Herald of Agony
- I used leveling gear
- Tabula
- Goldrim
- Wanderlust
- etc.

- I upgraded my weapon every few levels to keep the damage high enough
- After I started using Herald of Agony, I just needed to cap my resists after Kitava fights. The damage on Herald of Agony was very good throughout the whole campaign.
- To use Herald of Agony, you need:
- Ok level on Herald of Agony (about max level you can for your character level)
- Storm Brand + Poison + Lesser Poison
- The Golden Rule to self-poison to keep the Virulence stacks up

Ways to level

- Level as melee until level ~40 and start using HoA (This is what I did)
*No respec
- Level as melee (Sunder, Cyclone, AW totems) until maps and respec
*Some Respec

- Level as melee Berserker until level 90 and use a lot of respec points (Zizaran's suggestion)
*A lot of respec

Point allocation

- Nothing special
- Fill out the planned skill tree prioritizing life until there is no more life to be allocated, then get damage.
- Ascendancy is literally only for survivability, 0 damage to be gained. Take movement speed node if you want to level faster, take endurance charge node if you want to level safer. Makes very little difference.

Answers to commented questions

Q: Can I use a 6L chest for more damage?
A: Not worth it. Right now my HoA reserves almost 50% of my mana. That's with 4 support gems. If you put HoA in a 7-link (6L+supported by Maim) you will use 6 support gems, which will reserve way more than 50% of your mana, which will force you to drop Hatred. In this process you will lose the +3 level from your helmet and Hatred. You will gain 1 link in return (level 1 Maim).
- Lose Hatred
- Gain Supported by level 1 Maim
- Lose max life (Kaom's heart is the best option for survivability)

I will answer questions and update this build guide if people seem interested.

Videos coming soon.
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Started this build aswell a few days ago after watching Ziz stream.

Not a fast clearspeed build but clearly unkillable. Can already do redmaps at lv73 while watching Scrubs.

You should include :

- Getting Minion damage / cast speed on main hand. 1st is explicit, second let your Storm Brand ticks more often, thus staying at 40 stacks in single target bosses is easier

- You can play noregen maps, get a hybrid flask for that.

Gratz !

Hi this build looks interesting. So bascially you do not even need a 6L.
But would it boost the dmg if I could make Herald of Agony a 6L ? If so, what would be the 5 support links?

Because I would have some spare Ex that I could def. invest into a 6l link armor for example if it would help boosting dmg.
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Build looks like fun! Leveling tips/point allocation at various points with ascendancy prioritization would be great. I look forward to trying this build out on LHC!

Thank you for your time!

You should level with a generic melee build (Sunder or EQ) then respec when you meet the requirments.

Without a leveled HoA gem (21lv gem + atleast +2 helmet) + Trigger Weapon + Grip of the Council, your dps will be basically potatoe.
seems as a promising build, any video killing those high level bosses?
You thing I khare, but I realy dond.
Pretty much found the Zizaran guide and copied the build on LSC. Not sure about the pro/con of different support gems in the helm but I was initially using Vile Toxins, Maim, Dmg on Full Life and HOA linked. Switching Vile Toxins for Pierce made a huge difference in clear speed. Switched Maim to an Empower 4 and the damage feels even better (go figure).

Not sure about upgrades at this point, pretty sure I can get more life or some flask life modifiers on belt.

Shaper was a joke even without the Empower. Did Uber Atziri for the first time ever yesterday.

Great guide. But I'd recommend using Vaal Molten Shell for those rare occasions where the health pool does move.

The majority of my gear can probably be massively upgraded.
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Hi there!

Could you upload 1-2 t16 video with this build please? Want to compare the overall playstyle and damage with RF jugg.

If possible please pit of the chimera :)
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Did a Chimera vid as requested.
use chest with sp socket by lv 1 maim then empower 3-4 could be better my build base on ziz but use this chest and i still have 7k7 hp all content boss but not for legion way because clearspeed is lacking when u need fast on legion emble

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