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Hello all! This is my take on the Tornado Shot speed clear build. I really enjoy the speed and have been playing different variants of the MF Tornado shot for multiple leagues.

My builds are generally more budget friendly so more people can use it and you can start the build faster!

The main expensive items this build is avoiding is Rigwald's Quills, Bisco's Leash, and Devoto's Devotion. Although Windripper and Lioneye's Fall may be pricey, it is well worth it!




Initial version:

Updated version as of 7/3/19:


Tornado Shot - GMP - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Mirage Archer - Added Cold Damage - (Chain / Added Lightning / Increased Crit)
- Pretty standard tornado shot set up. I currently have a 5L where I switch out added cold for chain if the map is easy, because it clears the Legion super fast.

Herald of Ice - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark - Onslaught
- Herald of Ice pops generate power charges = more crit!

Immortal Call - CWDT - Summon Lightning Golem - Increased Duration
- For immortal call safety and not needing to cast lightning golem

Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks - Faster Projectiles
- Movement skill!

Phase Run - Increased Duration - Vaal Haste - Vaal Grace
- Phase run is fun to run around with and let your mirage archer do the work sometimes, also makes you super fast. Grace is used as an aura as well as the vaal skill, haste is used only for its vaal skill.

Blood Rage
- Generates frenzy charges and leech and all of the goodness.

Dying a lot??
Cast on Death - Portal


My Gear


Queen is cheap and makes you super fast with evasion!

Atziri's Step has good evasion, dodge, and life. Goldwyrm is the expensive choice for this slot, but also any rare boot with movement speed will work.

Starkonja's Head is the budget version but Devoto's Devotion is best in slot.

Gives item quantity, but if you are having issues with DPS then switch to Tombfist. If you are having issues getting resistance you can go for some rare gloves, this spot can be easily.

I opted for some damage and resistance but you can also go for more MF with a Bisco's Collar or an elder amulet with item quantity.

I went for more damage and resistance, but a MF version would be Ventor Gamble or The Pariah. For damage The Taming is excellent.

Primary Weapon
Windripper is great! I highly suggest investing in one, but for a budget go with Lioneye's Glare. Its great DPS and works with the build, although there no conversion damage.

Rigwald's Quills is the best quiver but it is super expensive so I went with a rare one.
I recently Multimodded my quiver and I love it! It is kinda expensive so the one I was using for a while was
from essence spamming. You can also use a Blackgleam with the Lioneye's because it has fire conversion.

The quiver needs to be ilvl 80 and be shaper to have the fires an additional arrow modifier. That is the most important modifier. Fires an additional arrow can also me an implicit if you slam it with a vaal so good luck!

I went with a resistance and life belt but a Bisco's Collar would be better but more expensive.

Updated Gear


Upgraded to Devoto's Devotion!

Changed to Shadows and Dust because it adds rampage. Since we are clearing fast it adds a lot of sustained dps when running through lower maps.


It is important to get a Lioneye's Fall, it makes your DPS great.

As for the other jewels go for add # to # ___ Damage to (Bow) attacks and as many as possible, this is huge spikes in damage.


Elemental Hit and Lightning Arrow are good until you get tornado shot, used whatever you like better. Also a Storm Cloud Bow -> The Tempest -> Lioneye's Glare -> Windripper was my leveling for weapon. For a quiver I used a rare quiver, then when I started using Lioneye's Glare I used Blackgleam.

Also items like Karui Ward helps out early game.

Here was my leveling:
Storm Cloud Bow with these links:

Split Arrow - Pierce - Onslaught - Added Cold

Get LMP to level, not for split arrow

Lightning Arrow - LMP - Pierce - Added Cold

I used lightning arrow for a while until I got tornado shot to do more damage and got GMP

Tornado Shot - GMP - Pierce - Elemental Damage or Added Cold

I used this until my Second Ascendancy where you get Chain.

Then got a Lioneye's 5L with:

Tornado Shot - GMP - Added Cold - Elemental Damage - Mirage Archer

Eventually go for Windripper but Lioneye's will last you.




1. Far Shot
2. Ricochet
3. Gathering Winds
4. Endless Munitions or Fast and Deadly

This is the chain variant of the build, chain really helps with the legion mechanics.

I have recently switched from Fast and Deadly to Endless Munitions. I like the added projectile which I feel helps the clear speed more than Fast and Deadly. Use whichever you feel is better!


+Clears packs super well
+Can full clear legion
+Simple to use
+Crazy movement speed
-Reflect maps
-Bossing is rough
-Lower life pool
-Evasion/Dodge based

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Thanks for the leveling tips, but would you be willing to include some of the basic links to lightning arrow/elemental hit? It would help me because I'm completely new to MFing.
Yes! I will include it right now!
Hmm, everyone tells Tornado Shot feels shit without (1) fork and (2) +2 proj. Looked at your video and it does not feel shit. They are lying -- and this was basically main thing that prevented me from playing Tornado Shot this league.
Pierce and Chain are excellent options to go for tornado shot! I went chain this league because the legion mobs are close enough together for chain to clear it fast. This build does struggle a bit in red maps but in yellow and white it clears incredibly fast.
Here is my not so budget character, does everything in the game rather easily except Uber Atziri because of reflect, it dies, but what TS build doesnt.

Do you not use hatred/wrath at all? What's your reasoning for this?
Were is the passive skill tree for this build?
Do you not use hatred/wrath at all? What's your reasoning for this?

I do not because herald of ice adds pop and curse, and grace adds evasion which = movement speed. I would not recommend hatred because windripper does not do physical so the conversion would be low. You could wrath for higher tier or if you have a support with you!
blood_mist-13 wrote:
Were is the passive skill tree for this build?

Passives are under the PoB! If you need I can screenshot my passives.

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