[3.7] Assassin COC Ice Nova spam + Bonus Vaal Ice Nova // GREAT for Legion mobs! UPDATED

Pradschapati wrote:
PoE Tooltip shows 6.02 Attack Rate and PoB shows 6.00 Attack Rate.
10% starkonjas and 9% cospri. nothing else.

Someone mentioned that the 9% attack speed one would still be in the range.
According to PoB this is a perfect match but according to InGame Tooltip I am 0.02 off which hurts a lot.

Do I need to downgrade to an 8% one do stay underneath the 6.00 Attack Rate shown in the PoE Tooltip so?

With this build it's hard to stay under 6aps. You could try to take another path in the passive tree to get less APS. If you can though, I would recommend to get cooldown reduction on your belt or boots. If you get 14% or more CDR, then you can go to around 7.45APS. (just under 7.5aps)
IGN: SugoiNL

thx for the build guide! One question: How about an assmark ring? WOuld it be bad because of the initial hit needed for applying the curse? And if not (okok, second question:) would aspect of the spider be good?

Thx for reply!
Now, with Blight out and Ascendancy having changed a bit:

Mistwalker looks like a nice defense buff. What are your thoughts taking Mistwalker and giving up (probably Ambush and Assassinate).

Also, any reason why not using Starkonja? Rat's Nest is nice, Starkonja would give more life.

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