[3.8]Champion Impale TS/Barrage | Leveling guide

Imeperfection wrote:
Nevzat wrote:
OP will you be playing/updating build?

I don't plan on playing the build and I currently don't have time to look into everything and update the build. At a quick glance though a lot of the changes are pretty scary and limit build options, we have to get every possible source of phys resist reduction because armor will heavily hurt tornado shots clear. We also need to find a way to get lots of proj speed to use tornado shot which it currently does not have.

I'm sure the build can still be good but you will probably need a lot more investment because of the nerfs, not to mention normal 1-3exa upgrades like dying sun will be 10 times more expensive.

to be honest i think the only thing that will be expensive will be dying sun which isn't mandatory.
I will 100% start with it and try different skill/support combo but with the same base in mind:
Champion, impale, all phys, daresso for chest and probably TS for clear.
Oh also iron reflexes with molten shell on autocast if arborix will be impossibile to find.

This of course if the impale nerf isn't crippling, in that case well, i'll just reroll

edit: without ANY investment we have -55% phys damage reduction against impale. 30 from gem and 25 from the talent we already used.
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@Imeperfection Just to clarify, you are still intending to update the build for 3.9, right? Just that it will take some time?
He literally said he isn't going to be playing it.
please, who will play write how it is.
The build is dead mate, move on.
This build should still be strong. It was stupidly strong and even if we lose 25% damage you still destroy shaper/uber.
It works harder now. T16 (older one) with 8 mods solved with no problems but delve becomes more difficult. Attack speed is much lower, so i swapped Vicious projectiles with Chain. Lower damage but continuous fire. Now i will wait for some smart guys to offer some solutions according to the new conditions of TS. However, i'm convinced that the build is not dead.
For those who knows i'm using Aul's uprising combined with Herald of purity, so i run 5 auras. For me it was much better this way. So, let's see what's happens next.
Tip: Thread of Hope (Very Large Radius), new jewel that drops from Sirus the Awakener, allows you to take deadly draw, heavy draw, spirit void, hematophogy, swift skewering + 2 increased impale effect without connecting to them if you socket it near Golem's Blood.
to be honest this build still performs better than most other builds i ever played. It ruined most other builds cause i can't find a well rounded one like this, tanky, fast and good single target.
Well I've been playing it a little bit off and on in Standard. Clear still seems pretty good. Single target feels worse for a few reasons. The attack speed isn't terribly great, and add a bunch of bosses that move around a lot and it's hard to get good value out of barrage. TS single target (if set up that way) is noticeably worse since the rework. Fighting the new bosses and with these insane map mods you can roll, it feels limiting for the build now that I'm getting to Awakener level 7 and soon, 8.

But given the currency (and time requirement) it's probably not worth it to a lot of people. I wouldn't do the build in league if I were to do league. Honestly skills with huge AoE that invalidates a lot of boss movement (like dash, teleoprting, w/e else) is the way to go. So yeah it's no wonder people are just running auto-targeting minions or AoE skills like Cyclone (Lacerate is OP fyi).
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