3.12 🗡️Torstein's Oni-Goroshi Slayer Cyclone -Budget friendly, easy to play-

Hi exiles and welcome to my Oni-Goroshi Slayer build guide


Idea for this build came out of the lack of currency to buy big gun (Starforge) and play Cyclone with it in 3.7 physical meta. So i turned to my favorite item in the game, Oni-Goroshi sword.

This build is capable to complete all content on a medium budget (everything you will see in PoB and videos is total of around 6-7 Exalted orbs) and at the same time be very smooth to play with decent life and defenses.

It's also a thematic build revolving around this unique sword that Goddess of Swords is! And she will be by your side, talk with you and bathe you in fire. The wielder of this sword will be on a verge of insanity seeing the power of it and asking himself am I going mad? Am I really hearing this sword talking?

I swear, no one's held Me this long before. You deserve a unique reward. A secret... Sword can't really talk. You went mad the moment you picked Me up. Was any of this real? Don't ask me, I'm just a sword. But Truly, I am your sword. Forever. -Goddess

If you never leveled a character with Oni-Goroshi it will be a different leveling experience because this is not just another unique item, it's very special.

Check out my new build for 3.10 Torstein's Death Angel - insane! Dual Oni-Goroshi

Please read the full guide before starting the build!
For any feedback, questions or help with the build, leave a comment on this thread.
Wish you many fun hours of play.


Change log 23.12.

-Due to 3.9 league mechanic, Rage and Berserk will not be used because you would loose all rage before Morph fight and basically start on a 5L.
Peak damage is lower but still very potent.
-added Vaal Grace for more defenses
-added Abyssus helmet as an option for 40-50% more damage.

Build summary

+moderate damage
+very easy to play
+good life pool 6+K life
+Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics
+while leeching and in "Her Embrace" you are immune to stun, bleed, freeze, chill, ignite and burning ground
+very smooth, easy and safe to play
+Slayer overleech
+with Goddess you are never alone xD
+whole build like in the PoB is around 6 Exalted orbs (no Enlighten gems, Watcher's eye or similar expensive stuff required)

-can't do no leech and elemental reflect maps (well you can do Ele reflect if you turn off Herald of Fire)
-not the greatest lab farmer since you won't have regeneration with Vaal Pact

*60% reduced life recovery is a dangerous map mod, just don't use Blood Rage

Oni-Goroshi and build mechanics

Oni is a one-handed sword that always comes pre 6 linked, WOW! Although one-handed it uses both weapon slots, and when you first look at it it seems like it has some wierd stats. 6-13 physical damage?? Well what the hell is up with that??? 9% critical strike chance? Hm?!
Here's what's going on.

As you gain levels sword adds 2 to 3 Physical Damage to Attacks per Level. So more levels you have the more powerful sword becomes.

When you Ignite (with Herald of Ash) the enemy the Goddess will give you "Her Embrace" buff which is the following:

-Cannot be Stunned
-123% of Sword Physical Damage gained as Extra Fire Damage
-Unaffected by Burning Ground
-Immune to Freeze, Chill and Ignite
-20% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed

But, all of this comes at the price. "While in Her Embrace, take 0.5% of your total Maximum Life and Energy Shield as Fire Damage per second per Level".
So for each level you gain Goddess will burn you for next 0.5% of your maximum life pool per second.
To deal with this you have to be worthy of the Goddess of Swords, to be a true Slayer!
Fire damage over time that you will take from the sword will be mitigated by your fire resistance and Slayer's overleech.

Flesh and Stone is another thing worth mentioning. While mapping use Sand stance so you will blind enemies nearby, take less damage from far hits and have larger Cyclone area for better clear.
Blood stance should be use for more damage on a single target.

Path of Building 3.12

With Starkonja's head build will have the same dps as with full Rage before but lower compared to Berserk before. On average it's still the same dps (little lower than in 3.7 Legion though) just different setup.
Also bosses now have 2-3 times more life than before...

Videos are old and were recorded in Legion league.

5-Way Legion Battle
This was my first try. I managed to kill 16-17 generals i think. It's a lvl83 zone and they have pretty big amount of life.
My flask piano was kinda bad and Aukuna bamboozled me hard with the blind, i should just keep going. xD
Overall i'm satisfied for a first try.

Deathless Uber Elder


T16 Minotaur shredding

Legions, Bosses and Chimera


Oni-Goroshi sword is the core item of the build. You can obtain it in 3 ways.
1. farm it at the Twilight Strand (not recommended)
2. get a set of 27 Rebirth divination cards
3. buy it from someone
Higher the crit roll the better.
I recommend using the Oni from the moment you get to Lioneye's Watch.

-Body Armor

best way to get your life up. Until you can afford Kaom's Heart use any body armor with highest life roll.


Starkonja's Head is the best all-around helmet for this build.

If you want to go full dps route you can use Abyssus helmet, but you will be more prone to one-shots. If going with Abyssus buy one with 40% increased phys damage taken or as much close to 40%.

Devoto's Devotion is another great helmet if you want to go faster.


Stats to look for on rings are:
-added physical damage to attacks (better option)
-increased elemental damage with attack(worse option)

One of the rings should be Shaped diamond ring with Assassin's Mark on hit mod. You can buy this ring or craft it yourself. Minimum item level for crafting is 75. I recommend trying to find cheap one on the market if possible.
Also you should craft Channeling skills have -3 to Total mana cost (tier 3) on both of your rings.

Assassin's Mark is a curse that causes targets to become more vulnerable to critical strikes. When killed, affected enemies grant life and mana recovery, and have a chance to grant a power charge.


This is the best damage amulet

Stats to look for:
-added physical damage to attacks
-% to global critical strike multiplier

Another great option for the amulet is Daresso's Salute. It will make you go faster and have bigger Cyclone area. You will have to look for Intelligence attribute on some other item.
I paired it with gloves like these

Just watch out that gloves should be armour based (strength) because you will need 4 red sockets.


Just get a leather belt with highest life and resistances that you can afford. Belt like this one is no more than 20c.


Spiked gloves are the best option but you can use any rare gloves. Look for life and resistances and free prefix to craft "increased damage while leeching" for most damage.

Just watch out that gloves should be armour based (strength) because you will need 4 red sockets.


Boots with as much life and resistances that you can get. They should have free prefix so you can craft on them hybrid mod with movement speed & Onslaught on kill!

Just watch out that boots should be armour based (strength) because you will need 4 red sockets.


Get 2 rare jewels similar to this one
stats on rare jewels to look for are 2 crit multi mods + life/attack speed if possible.
Get combination of these mods:

*to Critical Strike Multiplier with One Handed Melee Weapons
*to global critical strike multiplier
*to melee critical strike multiplier

*attack speed
*attack speed with swords
*increased attack speed with one handed melee weapons
*increased life


-For the life flask get Panicked Eternal life flask (of Staunching optional if you are going to farm lab)
-Quicksilver flask of Adrenaline to get even more speed
-Diamond Flask of Warding for curse immunity


1. Endless Hunger

2. Brutal Fervour

3. Impact

4. Headsman

Help Alira

fully upgraded both

Mayor: Soul of Lunaris/Solaris
Minor: Soul of Garukhan (for movement speed) or Soul of Ralakesh (cannot be blinded)

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Gem links
6L Cyclone - Melee Physical Damage - Fortify - Infused Channeling - Pulverize - Damage on Full life

4L Leap Slam - Intimidating Cry - Faster Attacks - Blood Rage

4L Herald of Ash - Herald of Purity - Blood and Sand - Flesh and Stone

4L Wave of Conviction - Cast when Damage taken - Immortal Call - Vaal Ancestral Warchief

My recommendation is to buy the sword/cards before you start the build and level with the Oni-Goroshi (it's always 6 linked item) from the moment you get to Lioneye's Watch.

From level 2 start using Molten Strike or Frost Blades as your main skill until you finish Sever the Right Hand quest in Act 3 when you will get Cyclone as a reward.

Basically you can buy before you start all the gems you need for the build and just add them during the leveling.
Important part is when you start to Ignite the enemies (Hearld of Ash) because you will get "Her Embrace" buff which will burn you.
Capped fire resistance is a priority always and until you finish the second Labyrinth and get overleech you will have to counter the burn with life flasks.

Act 1 after quest "Breaking Some Eggs" get Dash and Steelskin gems
Act 1 after quest "The Caged Brute" get Leap Slam gem

Act 2 after quest "Intruders in Black" get Herald of Ash. It will enable you to Ignite the enemies and gain "Her Embrace" buff. It will ramp up your damage greatly.
Pay attention that you will have to constantly use life flask to counter the sword burn. If that is too much hassle you can turn off Herald of Ash until you get leech and later Slayer's overleech from the 2nd Labyrinth.

Act 3 quest "A Fixture of Fate" will enable you to buy all gems from Siosa in the Library. Get Herald of Purity, Ancestral Warchief totem.

Act 3 continue leveling with Cyclone
6L Cyclone - Melee Physical Damage - Infused Channeling - Pulverize - Rage - Damage on Full life

Act 4 after quest "The Eternal Nightmare" buy Cast when damage taken gem from Petarus and Vanja and link it with Steelskin.

Act 4 after quest "Breaking the Seal" get Berserk gem from Petarus and Vanja

good leveling items:
Belt of the Deceiver
Praxis ring

My other builds

Torstein's Icebreaker - Glacial Hammer

🐍Torstein's Ultimate Poison Pathfinder - Venom Gyre / Pestilent Strike

Dragon's Breath Elementalist

Dragon's Breath Chieftain
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not reserved :D
As I have tried your incinerate build, I will give this a try since it looks like a affordable cyclone build in this league (whaaat???)
BronzeMike wrote:
As I have tried your incinerate build, I will give this a try since it looks like a affordable cyclone build in this league (whaaat???)

Hey! :D

Build is very cheap to make and you probably already have Kaom's Heart. :) Totally different playstyle than Incinerate and will be something refreshing. If you haven't payed before with Oni, it will be a fun experience to level the char.

Awesome build! Been playing with facebreaker as a starter and it was so slow if we compare with this build. Pretty cheap and works awesome with impale too.
Just getting into maps pretty smooth so far :) Btw what's the reason behind the cwdt setup? Lvl 19 cwdt can't trigger any of the other gems or am I missing something here?
Another question: is the reasoning behind taking impact over bane of legends just personal preference? Bane should feel smoother with the cull or not?

Cheers for the build, always wanted to try out the nice talking sword :D
Awesome build! Been playing with facebreaker as a starter and it was so slow if we compare with this build. Pretty cheap and works awesome with impale too.

Ty dude! :D

I'm not sure about Impale mechanics because Oni-Goroshi damage is scaled pretty much thru adding flat phys damage and getting the fire damage bonus out of it.
Impale doesn't add damage to the weapon so fire portion of the damage wouldn't scale with it and you would have to invest lots of passives to make it work. :/

Ill have to make the calculation about that xD

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