We've just released several new microtransactions, including Celestial versions of Essence Drain and Contagion, and the Zenith Pet. Check them out below or click here to get yours.

The Celestial Essence Drain Effect and the Celestial Contagion Effect replace the standard effects of these skills with yellow and purple versions, designed in one of the most popular themes.

The Zenith Pet makes a perfect match for the new Zenith Armour Set. Covered in shiny white metallic armour, this good boy friendly pet will be happy to be your travel companion.

We're also holding a sale for most of the Wings and Back Attachment microtransactions, with almost a hundred cosmetic effects available at discounted prices. Please note that this sale excludes all the Wings and Back Attachment microtransactions which were released since the launch of the Legion expansion. Click here to check out the full selection of discounts.

The sale will run until Jun 25, 2019 12:00 AM (EDT) (This is displayed in your local time).

By the way, you have only a few days left to redeem free Divine microtransactions by subscribing to Twitch Prime! Find out more in this announcement. The final stage of our three-month promo will start at the beginning of next week.

Thank you for your support! Have a nice weekend!
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Grinding Gear Games
Wangs for sale!
Hello darkness
Nerfing ED/CON eh?
Even more Zenith items? GGG stahp plz~
Zenith Pet is literally just a Robotic Bull Terrier.

Just another Forum Signature in a Sea of Signatures.
What is going on, again no celestial cyclone )
Zenith Pet is literally just a Robotic Bull Terrier.

Being robotic alone makes this thing safer and more reliable than irl counterpart lul.
Celestial portal MTX please. I know we have the Shaper portal, but it lacks the background void effect like everything else in the celestial set.
PoE players: Our game has a wide diversity of builds.

Also PoE players: The [league mechanic] doesn't need to be nerfed, you just need to play a [current meta] build!

There's nothing wrong with Harvest's deterministic crafting. Perhaps it's that loot is largely worthless and slows the game down.

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