[PS4] 3.7.1c Follow Up Patch Notes


I am 9 out of 10 times, stuck when getting out of each alva incursion. L2 only work when i get into a map passing thru a portal.

Is this known? Thanks
game crashed in under 5 minutes i didn't even leave town open my stashed rolled chromas a few times and crashed

on top of that i can't have any skill mapped to the X button and still interact with the world. can't open boxes or activate the monoliths or even take the home portal i have to unmap the X button so one less skill at my disposal which practically cripples a few of my characters.

things like these really make it feel like every new patch makes things worse instead of better
I was able to play for a few hours without any crashes. I also stopped using vaal double strike because it would still crash immediately after using. But at least for now PoE is playable. Everyone in the console community appreciates your hard work GGG.
Crash, rubberband, always a very bad play..

With all the xp lost with these shit i could probably be 95 level, but i'm stuck and feed up to even try to make xp.

Very sad.

And I spent in these game more money than all the others
yes it's terribly frustrating, the game being released for over 2 years on Xbox I really hard to understand why there is so much instability on Ps4.

It is almost impossible to play more than 2 hours without having a blue screen with a nice error message, I play in a group of friends, we spend more time waiting for someone to reconnect rather than play.

The previous patch had to correct the errors but on the contrary it's add more, I'm not even talking about the bug since this morning still not patched
Im still getting blue screen every nearly 1 min. Im using 4 totems at the same time and when they are starting to atack game crashes. So please solve this problem and let us play properly.
When I enter the templar labratory I cant use the X button... Wont open shop/Waypoint/Door/Map, have to log out and back in to play...
vaal double strike instantly crashes the game

I can’t use Azure mine. Once I enter location - button “X” starts to be inactive for any chooses. Only throwing a lighter works. I even can’t get out from location because I can’t use teleport.
Não consigo pegar os itens e acessar nada do Jogo, não consigo usar o "X" pra entra nos mapa é pega os itens ta foda hein

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