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They're too busy putting the final touches on the dozens of new MTX's and skill effects that make them money. [/quote]The art team cannot fix bugs. They make art, like MTX. [/quote]

Cmon bro. Everyone on here knew what I meant. Stop cherrypicking comments.

Console versions of PoE are trash and have gotten progressively worse. If GGG devoted even half the resources to consoles that they do to PC, we'd have versions of the game that are 10x better than Ythey are now. [/quote]The games been out on xbox a while now and still no guilds or chat, Pc often has independant players who make programs for QoL which they say can't be done on xbox, yet fallout has mods that were added by players, if it can't be done then how did other games get it in?
What kind of information is requiered? It´s a desync while channeling and massive using of leap slam for me. If there are small packs of ads, all good, I stop channeling and leap slam forward. But then it´s like: oh wow, mega packs...channeling cyclone allway through and never release the button pressed because of life leech. And then it happens...I cant hit anymore, ads hit me...and if I release my cyclone and I´m not instantly dead, I get teleported back like it´s predictive mode on pc. Sometimes I´m lucky to stay alive but most of the time instead deaths. I was ok with ridicolous one-shots out of nowhere because you cant see ranged ads, but this is far too much. 3 weeks in the league now and I´m already done with Legion... A pity, cause I waited for PoE long time to be released on Ps4.. :(

Edit: but ads and bosses now die at 20-25% oh their health instantly...sometimes, but they do... could it also be perhaps of that issue?

Edit: new patch did not fix the cyclone problem, i died in a small pack and did no damage again. Was in burialchambers while clearing a divine shrine. Then game crashed 1 second before I was able to kill the boss.
Leap Slam feels fine instead. No rubberbanding yet.
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That sounds sooooo cute! You're working "on a fix"?

Let me hand out all of the applause when we actually get it.

Oh, by the way...how about interacting with the community? Just saying...we have ALOT to say about the game. You. Just. Won't. Listen.

That's the problem.

Try playing on PS4 or Xbox yourself. Try a Tornado Shit-build, or cyclone. Try a dense map with a tickling feeling the game will crash any seconds.

Oh....and it will.
This is what happens when your company is bought out for an 80% stake.

You have a huge obligation to meet the due dates for content delivery, especially with a free to play game like PoE.

But the good thing is, when you keep releasing shitty broken code on consoles it will catch up to you eventually to the point where console numbers are so low and the percentage of people who purchase content is less than the development investment. So maybe the console version will get canned? Who knows.

But this is not how you release and support a game, it's a good lesson for any up and coming developers.

Lesson 1: don't release on hardware with an engine that was not designed to work on it.
Reading these posts full of angry players that are flaming the devs for the unstable game is kinda sad, but I guess it's an expected reaction when this game really is broken and unplayable on console for weeks after every new league. It would be sweet if I would have legitimate deaths in this game rather than dying because of freezes, crashes, or the lag on the awful servers. I wish!

And as some others have mentioned, more communication would be really cool. Any at all, actually?
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