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Welcome to the Cookie Squad forum post!

Discord: https://discord.gg/GpyPrf5p24 )(Note: The Discord isn't really active maybe you can help!)

What type of Guild are we?
We are a casual, friendly, helpful guild. We are looking for new members to join us and have a fun time with Blight League! I am always looking for new people to help with questions and any problems you may have! So feel free to join and have a chat with us. Some people have asked so I thought I would put it here, we have a range of people from the US and EU, and we accept anyone to the guild!

Guild Name
The guild name might seem weird, but it started on WoW we didn't know what to put and we decided to go with something weird and different. It started as a joke and has been my main Guild name for different games. I know the name might not appeal to some people.

Guild/Discord Activity
The guild sees most activity around 7-10+ online during the first month of the league start and starts going a bit inactive until the next league. Feel free to join and chat with us!
As for the Discord Activity, it's not there I would like to try to keep it active but I can only do so much so if you're joining maybe you can help keep it busy. Voice chat isn't used very rarely I see people in it but maybe you can help me change that!

What are the Guild Rules?
No Racism/Flaming/Hate against anyone.
Don't Raid/Steal from Stash Tabs/Sell the Items
Don't Spam
Common Sense :)
And the ToS of PoE
(If any member is not following the rules you can reach a Leader or an Officer)

Member Status:
Members: 43/50
Status: Open
Stash Tabs: 14
(Donation points for more tabs/slots are welcome!)

How to Join?
You can reach out to a Leader or an Officer for an invite, they are stated below and you can whisper them. However, on occasion, one of them is offline and can't be reached. You can fill out this mini-application for an invite and we will try to contact you!

How Long You've Been Playing PoE?:

(There are no requirements to join the guild!)

Cpfuzzy - Guild Leader

(If none of us are online in Path of Exile feel free to @ one of us in our Discord if one of us are online there! @Cpfuzzy/@Tato/@Ray)

Thyynx - Officer
MrPotato4355 - Officer

If you're inactive for longer than 4+ Months you will be kicked to make space for new and active members, if you taking a break longer than that let us know and we can keep you in!
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Looking for some new awesome members to our clan!
If your looking for a nice/friendly helpful guild this is your place!
5 Total members now in the guild!
3 new members has joined us!
Total of 13 members are with us now!
16 total members are now in the guild!
Still got a good amount of slots open for people who are looking to join!
IGN: AlpacJutsu
How Long You've Been Playing PoE?:For awhile now but still suck at this game lol (Sorry for my bad English skill)
IGN: INeedSubtitles
How Long You've Been Playing PoE?: 200 hours, played near the start of synthesis and got addicted around the middle-end of synth.

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