We've just released several new Illusionist microtransactions, including an Armour Set, Back Attachment and Weapon Skin. Check them out in this news post or click here to get yours.

In addition to a stylish design, the Illusionist Armour Set has an interesting effect which sometimes makes you character invisible (Not to monsters! It's just an illusion, Exile!). Complete your outfit with the corresponding Illusionist Back Attachment, which also becomes transparent from time to time. Check out their videos below:

The new Illusionist Weapon Skin works with any sword, axe, mace or staff, replacing their standard appearance with a golden version that varies based on the type of weapon your character wields.

It's also a Super Stash Sale weekend, where we're discounting all the types of Stash Tabs. Everything has been discounted, including the Unique Collection Tab, Fragment Tab, Map Tab, Premium Stash Tab Bundles, Premium Quad Stash Tab, Essence Tab, Divination Tab, Currency Tab and Guild Stash Tabs! Click here to view the full selection of discounted stash tabs.

The sale runs all weekend and ends at Jun 18, 2019 12:00 AM (EDT) (this is displayed in your local time). If you need some extra points, we recommend checking out the Legion supporter packs.

Thank you so much for your support! Have a great weekend!
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Love the concept of 1 weapon skin for all weapon classes
That sword. Also the back attachment is awesome! Happy to see you guys are trying something new! Has a JRPG vibe to it.
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Interesting; however I must again express my puzzlement as to these sets for some reason not including matching shield skins. Also curious as to whether the psuedo-cloak requires the complete set, or just body armor/gloves/boots (if you want to use, for example, the 'vanishing' helmet skin).
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That weapon skin! <3 Although I'm sad it doesn't cover caster weapons (apart from staves) like daggers and wands as well. I guess you're going to release a separate version for them, but it sucks that the multi-weapon mtx thing here doesn't extend to to them too. The theme suits casters really well as well. :(
Firefly00 wrote:
Also curious as to whether the psuedo-cloak requires the complete set, or just body armor/gloves/boots (if you want to use, for example, the 'vanishing' helmet skin).

I was wondering about this too. I hope it's actually an effect on each individual item, so if you're only wearing the gloves and boots, every now and then you'll become a floating torso. Probably not this, but I still hope it is.
The set is very beautiful.
Will invisibility effect work if you wear only Body Armor??
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The triangle thing is hilarious
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