In addition to the Illusionist Weapon Effect which was released yesterday, we've just enabled two more Illusionist-themed cosmetic effects! Check them out below or here to get yours!

To make your Cyclone build even more satisfying, we've just released the Illusionist Cyclone Effect! This microtransaction replaces the standard effect of a Cyclone skill gem with an effect, designed in blue and green colour scheme, which leaves a trail of blue crystals. So pretty! Check out the video below!

The Illusionist Aura Effect replaces any aura gem effect with a turquoise and golden geometric symbol that emanates blue crystals and golden pyramids:

For a matching outfit, we'd recommend using the Mageguard Armour Set and Hood with the Darkprism Weapon Skin and the Illusionist Weapon Effect.

Thank you for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
I want that aura wtf
High warlord of the SUPER CUTE WALRUS CLAN
- ''Probably the first time shes not 40/40 in 2 weeks''
- ''Means the game got boring''
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Awesome aura; but like Blue Cyclone better.
pretty convenient that 41% of all players over lvl 89 are playing cyclone i guess
Love how the new auras look. Hope character effects get the same treatment.
Delirium is a disaster of a league. If you don't like to see clearspeed meta flourish in your game, it seems obvious to me not to design an entire league mechanics around promoting a clearspeed meta.

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