[3.7] DZ's Pillar of the Caged God

Let's keep it short.
Shaper Run, 3.7, No Abyssus

DPS is the same for Shaper/Boss, this build uses no Curse/Elemental Damage.

POB DPS (Berserk On): 3.1m (6.2m after 5 hits, Impale.)
POB DPS (Berserk Off): 2.1m (4.2m after 5 hits, Imapale.)
POB DPS (Berserk Off / Sand Stance / Increased AOE): 1m (Probably shredding trash mobs, no issues. At least 2m on rares.)

- PotCG
- Crit, Impale, Flat Physical, Strength, Farrul's Fur, Abyssus

- Impale gives the build at least 100% MORE Damage after 5 hits.
- Farrul's give Frenzy/Power.(Luxury) Staff nodes give you Endurance.
- Do NOT focus on life while levelling. Prioritise Physical, then strength.
- Level with tabula or 5L is sufficient, your dmg and life will be extremely high for s sub-level 50 character.
- Cyclone, Melee Physical Damage, Pulverize, Brutality, Rage/Aoe
- Always, always,always, Flat Physical, then Strength.
- Only incorporate LIFE when you are financially stable.

*Damage screenshots are in-game tooltip, its higher due to the following, but not limited to buffs: Pride, WarBanner, Flesh and Stone, Blood and Sand, Aspect of the Kitten.

**Build works for slayer/scion as well. But we choose Basaka. Why?


basaka wrote:
This your weapon. Keep it safe. You can use this 6L however you want. Corrupt this for uber gains.

basaka wrote:
This your helmet. Give you good damage. (Abyssus has alota damage, but you die easy)

basaka wrote:
This your clothes. Keep you warm and gives you charges. More damage. Keep your cyclone here. Use loreweave if you can't get Farrul.

basaka wrote:
This your gloves. You need to hold the kitty with this. (Basaka likes kitty)

basaka wrote:
This your boots. Move faster, more strength. New shoes.

basaka wrote:
Astramentis. But better. More Strength!

basaka wrote:
Yup. Nice rings.

basaka wrote:
This is the AMD of PoE's physical belts. Maximum Price per Performance. Use Ryslatha's Coil if you feel your life is too low.


Q: What do I need to do to get comparable DPS?
A: Item modifiers are as follows by importance, first being the most important:

1. Flat Physical Damage.
2. Strength (Atleast +40 Str on rares)
3. Resistance (Not as much if you took Alira)
4. Moovement Speed
5. Life (1000 Str = 500HP = Free Kaoms bby)

Q: How to level?
A: Equip Pillar, Meginord's Girdle, Extractor Mentis. You'll be fine, just start grabbing your Strength, the build grows with you. Use FrostBlades until you can get Cyclone.

Q: How do you combat resistance issues?
A: Purity of Elements. And take the Marauder/Scion resistance nodes.

Q: Why not use rare stygian vise?
A: If you are planning to use Rare Stygians, use Meginord's Girdle instead. Only use Darkness Enthroned for belt slots when you have insane abyss jewels. Belts below are ranked according to effectiveness.

1. Darkness Enthroned
2. String of Servitude
3. Ryslatha's Coil
4. Meginord's Girdle
Abyss Jewels for Darkness Enthroned

Q: Would you run Champion instead if you were playing on HC?
A: I will suggest GLAD, slayerfor, juggernaut, slayer for HC. Where glad is most preffered. Staff has really good blocks.

Q: No Abberon's Warpath?
A: As a cycloner, i will want more movespeed. If you are not using cyclone, alberons will be better. But resist will be tight.

Q: Is that Pure Talent gem actually any good?
A: Its useful for the initial stages for your int/dex gems. I will be swapping it out soon.

Q: What do you think about Meginord's Vice over your gloves? Are spiked only better in this case since you're running Cat Aspect and Farrul's Fur?
A: I will always suggest a rare glove. Spiked preffered. Vice is good for levelling. But you may use slitherpinch, for the dex and leech, has more utility. Even if you do not run Cat, glove like mine, minus the Cat skill is almost top tier. Another u could try is using special essences to get the 16% more speed for socketed gems, leapslam in this case.

Q: Good 4th flask if you don't want to use two life flasks? Guessing just Lion's Roar or something.
A: I was kinda too poor for lions roars haha. I am running more defensive flask atm, was experimenting with Abyssus. Still a number 1 choice to use if you have it.

Q: You didn't cover gems much in your guide. The ones in your pillar are pretty interesting, but I don't quite understand the point of frost wall, and having two guard gems (Steelskin + Immortal Call, thought they didn't stack). You also have a rogue less duration gem sitting in your gloves, is that doing anything?

A: Okay, this is probably the point in the build where it has to be most detailed.

- The pillar gems are freestyle, for my testing, I wanted to find most comfortable cwdt setup for porcupines. And thank you for pointing out IC and SS are Guard Skills. I will change them. Frost wall blocks projectiles, helps a good load.

- The less duration gem, this is supported to the Cat Skill, as Farruls Fur, gives +2seconds duration to the cycling buffs, this means i will have a downtime of 2 seconds for my charges. Less Duration reduces the cycle time to 7 seconds. Which is enough to keep the charges up permanantly as they last 10 seconds.

Thank you once again for the questions. I will update the guide. Hope someone enjoys potcg as much as I did. :)

Screenshots for glance value

Sand Stance

Hideout - Charges, Aura

Mapping - Charges, Aura

Blood Stance

Hideout - Charges, Aura, Infused Channeling(Not infused)

Mapping - Charges, Aura, Infused Channeling(Not infused)

Mapping - Berserk, Charges, Aura, Infused Channeling(Not infused)


Thank you, please leave your experiences with the build.
Hope you enjoy my pillar build.

I will draft out an starting guide soon.
- DzSz's Pillar : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2524656
- DzSz's Shop : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/634358
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impale(104more dmg) and soul of steel (+1max res) must have. Farrul's Fur too high price, iron fortress more real.
seether wrote:
impale(104more dmg) and soul of steel (+1max res) must have. Farrul's Fur too high price, iron fortress more real.

I would suggest skipping iron fortress all together. A good alternative would be loreweave.

And yes, i did mention impale, but havent updated the tree in the POB yet. Will do in a minute.
- DzSz's Pillar : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2524656
- DzSz's Shop : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/634358

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