[3.7] Hybrid's Berserker *Insert Melee Skill Here* Insane ClearSpeed & DPS (Reave\Lacerate)

A quick and simple guide to a build that can basically use ANY melee skill while easily achieving multiple millions of shaper DPS and absurd amount of attack speed (and thus clear speed).

the build's biggest advantage is that you can easily switch skills when you feel like playing something else.

lets start with a video so you can have a taste for the build :)


Videos of other skills:

the build doesnt use any special mechanics to achieve DPS or speed.
just dual wielding swords and going BERSERK ^^

for the advanced users, here is the POB link without the BS: https://pastebin.com/ndvu4aAj
*two skill trees, one for more life and the other is more dps.

notice that the tree\items\skills are optimized for reave, as its my personal choise.
you will need to adjust things accordingly to suit your preferred skill.

*the main 6L is weird since im trying to represent the DPS while multistrike and close combat arent working yet.
(multistrike only applies its attack speed and close combat literally does nothing)



two swords with high attack speed, crit chance and pDPS.
your DPS will scale with your swords so make the right decisions when buying\crafting them.
use POB to check which one will get you the most dps.

if you cant afford those yet, use any sword with high attack speed and decent pDPS like Ichimonji.


i like starkonja since its a really solid option.
lots of dex and life plus attack speed.
you can use a rare helmet with life and resist like this:

which also has some mitigation.

any 6L will do really.

i went for a rare elder astral plate

lots of life, some resists and increased crit which took me to 99% crit chance vs shaper.
the reduced mana cost mod is a nice QoL to have but has no effect on dps.

those elder plates are expensive so instead you can get belly, carcass or even loreweave.


dual socket tombfists are BiS.
you want to use both murderous and searching eye jewels in them to get maim and intimidation on hit.

if you cant afford it, get one socket tombs or a pair of rares with life, attack speed and some damage mods.


nothing special here, just life and resist.

im using this

probably a good place to get INT (depends on your 6L setup).

if you can afford it, an amulet with phys as extra mods are a good dps boost.


i like to use assassins mark on hit rings.
my 2nd ring is just life and resists.

notice that WED isnt really useful in this build since we are scaling phyz dmg and only dealing small portion of our total damage as elemental.

upgraded my 2nd ring for this:

life, res and phyz dmg, accuracy is nice too.


life and resists, nothing interesting here.

my setup:

a must have is a diamond flask to get our effective crit chance high.

for the rest its up to you really.
i have a legacy lions roar and taste of hate so i used those.
taste of hate is providing some layer of defense too so its nice.

sins rebirth and atziris promise are both a viable options too, use POB to see what suits your character the best.

i used a silver flask for more attack and movement speed.
any other flask can be used here like sulphur or quartz.

life, attack speed and crit multi.
for some skills area damage works too.

Gem links:

Main 6L: depends on your chosen skill and gear.

my reave setup is:
Reave - Multistrike - Inc Crit Strikes - Rage - Melee Phyz Dmg - Maim - Close Combat

*swapped close combat for rage. i dont know the formula for how the damage scales with proximity, but sometimes it seems like when the monster is at the edge of the AoE (a boss that got knocked back from lion's roar) the damage drops off.
also rage support help to get to 50 rage charges more quickly.

i used increased critical strikes even tho its not the best DPS option.
am using it so i can have almost 100% crit chance, thats the way i like to play.

notice that some skills arent supported by multistrike and some wont go well with close combat or conc effect.
use POB and in game testing to see whats the best option for you DPS and clear wise.

Enlighten - Hatred - Precision - Blood%Sand

you can use pride instead of hatred, i just like consistency so i didnt pick Pride.
also POB doesnt calculate pride's dps boost correctly yet.

due to my armor, i dont use alot of mana so i managed to squeeze in war banner too. but its not necessary, precision is better.

DPS boosters:
Blood Rage
Ancestral Protector

CWDT - Immortal Call - Stone Golem

stone golem helps with the degen from blood rage and rage.

Movement skill:
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic

POB, Skill Tree, Ascendancy and Bandits:

POB: https://pastebin.com/ndvu4aAj
*two skill trees, one for more life and the other is more dps.

Ascendancy: we go Berserker :)

Order of progression:
1. Flawless Savagery
2. Blitz
3. Crave the Slaughter
4. Rite of Ruin

Help Alira or kill all

Alira grants 20% crit multi and 15% all res which are probably better than 2 points.

Passive Tree:
Complete Tree

2nd option for more life


Brine king and Shakari.
you can choose anything else.

Brine is nice to prevent stun locks before we have 25 rage and to reduce effect of chill since we are not a jugg.
also to prevent freeze locks because i use instant life flask so its only removing the existing freeze but has no "safe" duration for not being frozen.


usual leveling items:

gear doesnt matter too much, make sure to do your ascendancy as early as possible and it will carry you.

as for what skills\supports to use, im sure you would manage it :)

Dont PM me in game or via direct message, if you have questions, post them here in the guide.

*i am truly sorry for this, but thats not my first guide and i already being bombarded with questions everyday.

*since this guide is aiming to the more advanced players, i wont answer simple questions that you could figure out by yourselves from the guide or from just playing the game, sorry if you are being ignored.
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RaiderGeno71 wrote:

Thanks :)
any melee skill?

cyclone ?
What would you recommend for links for Lacerate (4L-5L-6L)? Haven't played Lacerate at all before. Thanks for this! Will try it out.
IGN: uez
any melee skill?

cyclone ?

there is a cyclone setup in the POB.
adjust the 6L to your liking DPS and AoE wise.

i would use a quicksilver flask with cyclone tho, it might feel terrible without enough movement speed.

uez wrote:
What would you recommend for links for Lacerate (4L-5L-6L)? Haven't played Lacerate at all before. Thanks for this! Will try it out.

there is a setup in the POB.

for pretty much all skills you want multistrike, melee phyz dmg and maim.
conc effect with AoE skills is a really big DPS boost but wont be that great for mapping.

i dont think close combat is good with lacerate since it got pretty good AoE, you wont be that close to monsters.
lacerate also attack slow (well, at least compared to other skills) so when you dont crit it doesnt feel good.
i like to have a really high effective crit chance so i use inc crit chance gem too.

you can use POB to get the best DPS setup when you are doing things like shaper\elder.
but for mapping you want as much AoE and crit chance.

for more optimized links we will ahve to wait for POB to get fully updated.
How is survival with this build?
What is this build viable with?
Also leech?
KingWeasel wrote:
How is survival with this build?
What is this build viable with?
Also leech?

look at the tree? POB?


its all there..
Hey man,

I’m a big fan, new to poe with the PS4 release, really love your guides and the stuff you pump out. Your molten juggernaut gave me endless fun.

Definitely going to give this guy a try with the new league, my only question is how do you recommend I tackle the passive tree? Just curious about the path to take since I’ve been spoiled with that on your other builds.

Thanks for your time.

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