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Hey i'm a returning player, i'd like to have a guild so PoE doesn't seem so empty, and so i have someone to explain to methe ropes in this game.

IGN is SteelCathie
and i'm from EU
IGN - Logan_Cycstorm_legion

Been playing PoE for a long time now, but mostly solo. Would love to join a guild and be a bit more social.

ign SlipperyDisfunction

just looking for a social guild... bored of being alone.
LF bois to do sulphite, poorjoy rotas, and some banter inbetween.
will be interested to join your guild
LF party to reach lvl 100
ignname Oxzom
Interested in joining. Been playing solo for a few leagues, and thought it would be fun to farm with other people for fun and profit!

IGN: Velusivee_DocBlaster

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