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We back at the top boys!!!!
Bumped and active
bumpety bump
Incoming Recruitment post bumps... Check out the guild profile page and the discord link on the first post page, feel free to post your current in game name, or most recently played character. Very active guild, very close knit, friends first, helpful play-style guild. We all look forward to each new league experience and the chance to teach and learn mechanics, gameplay, and strategies. Give us a try, you really can't go wrong with Eternal Unity.
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Public Relations and Accountability Officer

a.k.a. Beverin, a.k.a Bev, a.k.a. It's Bev, Not Bever, a.k.a It's Not Beaver.
bumped!! come say hi and join our group!
hi there, looking for friendly active and helpful guild for new league.
My IGN:Noise_ShadoW
Looking for an active guild
IGN: LeProllyGonnaFail

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