[3.7][SSF] PewPew82's Bleed stacking Lacerate Gladiator

Hey all, this is my first guide but its made with love and over 2000 hours of gameplay!

This build is focusing mostly on stacking bleeds for bosses and also fast clearing maps. We take crimson dance for 8 bleed stacks to melt bosses and elites as quick as possible.
This build is good at stacking 8 bleeds up on an elite and backing out from its attacks as it bleeds to death! Also the bleed explosions from gladiator are SUPER satisfying!

I am always on twitch.tv Twitch.tv/pewpew82 and will talk about the guide or anything else!

- Can do all content
- Budget[I am SSF]
- Good survivability (Evasion/Armor/Blind/IC)
- Solid clearspeed
- Lots of bleeeeed
- Good for lab and even Elder/shaper
- Even with bleed as our main dps we still can clear packs with ease
- Good at Legion mechanics, no issues with clearing statues and mobs afterwards

- PoB doesnt seem to work out bleed very well
- Some mobs still hit very hard
- Not sure how it will scale yet as I am ssf


This build clears maps easily with sand stance at range. Blood stance is used to kill bosses and harder elites quicker but do not forget you die easier in blood stance so dodge where possible. Play at medium range most of the time for best survivability!


PoB Link

It has levelling sections to help you prgoress as you level up.https://pastebin.com/LY50jV1t

Gear day 1

Gear day 2
Luckily picked up 2 unique swords that suit this build, great early item to buy if you are on trade league!Probably going to use these until I can craft some good accuracy/attack speed with high phys swords

Current gear and setup

Icetomb is not a reccomended item! I had it drop as a six link and its better than tabula!

Possible gear and lab enchants
Lab Enchants
-Helmet:Lacerate deals (14-18) to (20-25) added Physical Damage against Bleeding Enemies or Lacerate deals 40% increased damage
-Boots:16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently
-Gloves:Commandment of Blades or Force. Anything physical really

This build works with stacking either armour or evasion, depending on that is what you would use and its really up to you. This build could work on full rare gear but here are some options

On rare gear you want to look for
-Max health
-Phys damage
-life on hit/mana on hit is nice
-armour or evasion depending on what you choose to stack
-Global accuracy /accuracy till 100% hit chance
-attack speed

Unique options that could work

Body armour - Daresso's Defiance/The perfect form/Belly of the beast
Gloves - Haemophilia/Veruso's Battering Rams/Maligaro's Virtuosity
Boots - Kaoms Roots or atzri's step for evasion
Flasks- Blood of the kurai/Atziri's promise are both nice

Other options
Stacking evasion gear and going Queen of the forest/ dual wield Dreamfeathers/ atziri's steps

There are obviously way more options out there but these are a few I can think of off the top of my head. Basically anything that goes well with bleed/phys damage or gives us another defensive layer to work with!


Weapon 1:Blood and Sand-Berserk-Flesh and stone
Weapon 2:Vaal Haste-Herald of Purity-Dread banner
Helmet:CWDT(lvl 12)-Temporal Chains(lvl 12)or Vulnerability(lvl 15)-Summon Stone Golem(level 14)-Steelskin(level 16)
Body:Lacerate-Multistrike-Melee Physical Damage-Pulverise-Brutality-6th link could be Rage/shockwave
Gloves:Leap slam-Fortify-Endurance charge on melee stun-Faster attacks
Boots: I have used a totem set up but you could mix this up - Vaal Ancestral warchief-Multiple totems-Melee physical-Bloodlust

For bossing(elder/shaper etc) swap out Pulverise for Ruthless for bigger dps at the loss of AoE
You can also swap Vaal Ancestral Warchief Totem for Ancestral Protector

Gladiator Ascendancy

1:Blood in the Eyes
2:Gratuitous Violence
3:Arena Challenger
4:Outmatch and Outlast

Help Alira For sweet sweet mana regen ,crit and Resists or kill all for the 2 points.


Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Gruthkul for physical help or Soul of Shakari for chaos/poison help

Go for jewels depending on what you need
If you are too squishy
-Max health
-Resists if needed

If you need more damage
-Attack speed with swords/dual wield/1h
-Flat physical damage eg. 20-30 physical damage to swords/attacks
-increased damage with bleeding/damage over time

I have had a few questions about leveling so here is some help.

Take perforate early until lacerate as it uses same supports.

First 4 link i used was Lacerate-Multistrike-Melee Physical Damage-brutality. Dont use pulverize until you have enough attack speed as it makes it feel clunky(As it reduces your attack speed). You could always even use ruthless instead if you get a 5 link and dont have enough attack speed.

Silver flask with onslaught helped me get through the earlier levels until I had frenzy charges and onslaught from the passive tree(graceful assault down the bottom)

Other than that you can use haste as an aura on top of the others, if you can sustain mana well enough. (As soon as you get the mana leech node its pretty easy) I will be testing haste vs pride later on.

9/6/19 Added levelling tips
10/6/19 - Updated pastebin removing crit nodes and adding impale nodes. Also added all skill to PoB. Also added some unique item options
11/6/19 - Added dread banner for impale chance and AoE/aura effect. Also added lab enchants(thanks reddit). Also after testing swapped Lab ascendancy order.
12/6/19 - Changed CWDT setup to steelskin over Immortal call as it was performing better.
13/6/19 - Added Vulnerability as an option n place of temporal chains. Updated PoB too
14/6/19 - Added a video, skills update(added berserk) and a current gear section
16/6/19 - Added elder video
18/6/19 - Updated gems section for swapouts for bosses
19/6/19 - Updated current gear and set up

I will keep this updated as I gear more. Currently at yellow maps and breezing through all content on a 5 link. Hit me up with comments on this post or come see me on my twitch channel and ask there. There are no stupid questions and I will answer everything I can!

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Bumping for interest.
Updated for day 2! Up to tier 7 maps, with a 5 link and still no issues!
Added a jewels section as requested, if any more requests please let me know!
I will be updating the PoB tonight when i go home with all the skills as its now had an update! Will let you know when thats done!

just hit blood docks and I'm really struggling to make this build feel smooth. It may be my attack speed.

What gems did you use for 4L ?
Lacerate-Multistrike-Melee Physical Damage-brutality
Dont put pulverize in until you have enough attack speed for it as it lowers your attack speed. Also try to get weapons with attack speed and a silver flask for onslaught. That helped me get through to maps. I have added a leveling section for some tips on that, Even using haste is an option if you feel too slow. Finding vaal haste was a god send for me on ssf.
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Hey i was wonder if you don't mind putting like your ideal end game gear.
I’ll work it out on pob and get back to you with that one later today or tomorrow ! I’m just out at the moment.
Isn't Alira a bit of a waste? Crit-multi doesn't help bleed damage???

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