3.7.0d Patch Notes (Restartless)

I dont know what you did but the game is so unstabble for me. It was working fine on launch but now its really annoying
Wow - yesterday it was fine, today I was forced to reinstall and now the game crashes while loading an instance .... everytime !
Well done...
What happened to trade? It doesnt work!
That is not my fault!
Iangyratu wrote:
Fixed desync that could occur when cancelling an action while out of mana.

Oh, that explains a lot.

Hopefully that's the issue I was getting, basically gave up on using strike skills because running out of mana = ruined namelock chaining.
I'm really getting a bit tired of the game crashes. :(
Already I'm avoiding any Legion encounters, but there are still some random crashes to desktop. Please fix this. :(
Still crashing on legion mob spawn. This is starting to get annoying on HC.
That's me done never again. The cock ups made with synthesis were bad enough but this isn't just an add-on package screw-up the entire game has been done over.
I already know from more than six years experience of the screw ups to this game made as a result of bad decisions called at the behest of the same tight little clique of no-lifer parasites who regard this game as a means to snatch real money from the rest of us, that ggg will do nothing to fix the extreme state of unbalance they have pushed this game into lest the leets whine.

Up until the last league I have always played melee but I'm sick of it. You could build a melee map ful of monsters that emitted perfumed farts thru directsmellz & I wouldn't play it. When I saw the half a..ed way that it was alleged melee was gonna be fixed that strengthened my resolve to give spell casting a burl. In the last few weeks of the synthesis mess I put together a occultist that worked sweet as a nut and I was looking forward to fine tuning it this build.

Fat chance the destructive vandalism wrought upon both the passive map and the way that energy shield implements has put paid to that which I'm sure will hearten the no hoper, no lifer elites who seem to live solely to get their hands in honest gamers pockets will hold sway as they always do.
Incidentally sucka..es, this account is an ancient unused for years mule so don't be expecting to crash it & uncover anything.
Notes make me glad that my internet has crapped out. Tech coming tomorrow. Keep up the bug fixes!
Please fix the monolith dc's! got dammit... the new part of this leaque is simply unplayable :(
So demoralized now..

Died two times now in HCSSF in Chamber of Innocence, first one due to the worst freezelag i've ever encountered in PoE since my start in Legacy league. The client didnt crash completely, it just froze while I was surrounded by enemies(non Legion encounter). tried to Exit and logout to character selection, nothing happens and then after ~3 seconds the game catched up with an "nice" You have died"...

Second time, the client crashed completely in Legion encounter, just when they are to pop-out(timer ends), also in Chamber of Innocence.
I got a crash dump that time.

Pre these 2 deaths i've never died to client disconnect/crash and have never experienced this kind of freeze lag.
I just barerly dodged death with the same crazy freeze lag that killed me the first time, but now in my second caracter, this time in the Weaver's Chambers. So it wasn't an isolated incident.

Sadly I think i'll have to wait for another patch from GGG to even consider going for another run. :(

But I have faith in you GGG!

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