[3.7] Double Strike Super Saiyan Ragezerker // Wipe out endgame

How did you deal with the massive degen you get from Rite of Ruin and Blood Rage going at the same time, especially with Vaal Pact.
Can you make a tree under the claws? TY)

is a great item for Vaal Pact and Lab in general.. Like a mini-slayer
Dragodemon3 wrote:
Umm, IDK if you realize, but you never tell us what gems to link - on swords, boots, helm, and gloves...
It's in the POB
Could you at least upload some videos from the build?
any news on this build before i delve too much into it? now on level 50, but I somewhat feel like it's lacking... It's fun, but seems like a little bit squishy for a marauder I guess?
Well after getting to 80 and looting 90% of the items used in this build, sorry to say but this build is not for the average player. It is waaaaay too squishy and you have to be an uber pro like the OP to pull this build off and not die from 1-shots which occur in pretty much every map with a damage modifier. And when not running maps with a damage mod, you are sucking down flasks every hit you take.

I am going to have to reroll because I do not enjoy taking thousands of damage from any type of attack passed level 70 mobs, nor do I enjoy constant 1-shots from rare mobs or bosses.
I'm not REALLY following a build, but I could use some advice. I just reached level 86 and my highest map was t15 Caldera, died once.

Life is kinda lowish 4,8k. I think I can craft something a lot better or farm enough to buy a 6link belly.

Here's my gear, any pointers?

Thx a lot!

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