[3.7] [Starter] Bow-Slayer || Barrage & TS/LA/ || 3M+ Shaper DPS || 5.3k Life [WiP]

First Thanks to JessicaSc2, since its effectively her build. I just changed the ascendancy and adjusted some things (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2007539)
She finally also made a Slayer Version of her Build, check it out here:

Thanks to everyone in the following thread for their Input and Ideas!

IMPORTANT: I AM NOT SUPPORTING THIS BUILD ANYMORE, since I am playing anopther Build now. Survivabillity can be a Problem in Endgame. You really need to spend some Ex to get this build to it's max. Damage should never be an Issue.

This Build starts quite cheap (2 Ex for 1 M+ Shaper DPS) and can be maxed out very high. You won't need a six-link Bow for most content.

A lot of Items are very Cheap this league. Barrage Enchant is Cheap. Dying Sun is Cheap (40C lol). That is good news! :D

Current Set-up and Build:


All Red Maps are clearable with this Set up, so are all kinds of Elder (not uber). I tried Shaper, but i was drunk so i messed it up. The build has its survivabillity problems i think. For maxing out it will be nescessary to get good Abyss Jewel with nearly 40 life and good DMG rolls - which is very expensive this league.

Past Set ups:


https://pastebin.com/3ikWwq3t [Red Elder down]
https://pastebin.com/LPzzzy9E [Did yellow Elder with this]

Tombfists are crap now. Get good gloves with as, flatdmg, res and life. It seems to be very hard to get more than 30life on abyssals - so 5.3k life will be hard to reach, but not impossible. Get good rings, amulets & gloves. Don't buy abyssals with less than 30 life.

Latest Path of Building (lvl 95):


Older Versions:

https://pastebin.com/C1H6P7h0 (Brutal Fervour instead of Bane of Legends)
https://pastebin.com/ddwA23A8 (no endurance charges, they ain't worth it I think)
https://pastebin.com/zeP0isVH (Some Changes + There is a lack of int and str i didnt think on, will fix this)
https://pastebin.com/aGd0dtam (3.7 rdy)

All exemplary Abyss Jewelss have less than 40 Life, so its within their new range. The Damage rolls are all tier 2/3, so that should work out too with the nerf. But Iter 1 Rolls are really hard to get this league. SO be fine with 30.

Dont get Tombfists like in PoB - they're nerfed and dont have any attackspeed.

Some Slayer Nodes (Bane of Legends!) still don't work in PoB but even without them we have decent DPS, it should be more.

Damage: seems fine through a lot Crit and Ele Conversion. Weapon is Lioneye's Glare due to 100% Hitchance, but u could go with windripper and MF. New Bow Nodes are awesome, and we'll also use Lioneye's Fall and The Claw Nodes for more Crit + Leech.
You can choose how much Ele Conv u do. 50% From Signal Fire, Optional 50% from Hrimsorrow Gloves or 20% From Cold Nodes. Currently I'll tend to just 50% from Signal Fire + 20% from Node.
Frenzy Charges come from Ice Bite.

Sustain: 5,3k Life Pool seems fine for Range. Same is with Life Leech, i played Bow with a lot less. 2,5k Life leech should be possible with Vaal Pact (turn it off in lab) and we're immune to bleeding (= 1 more flask slot :)). The Overkill Leech is still not calculated in PoB Total Leech, same seems to be for the Claw Leech :/



-Lightning Arrow/Tornado Shot/ Whatever for Map Clearing (LA seems to have most DPS) + GMP + Mirage Archer + Elemental Damage + Ice Bite + Added Cold
you don't necessarily need a 6-link, 5-link is fine for most content, skip Mirage Archer in this case.

-Barrage for Bosses + Slower Projectiles + Elemental Focus + Ice Bite + Elemental Damage + Elemental Penetration from Shroud of the Lightless

-Hatred Aura, Vaal Grace & Vaal Haste + Increased Duration, Herald Of Ice + CUH + Projectile Weakness, Add a Ice Golem or Flame Golem if u Like (I dont, they die)


Some Ideas for Leveling (WiP):

Leveling sucks with bow. Use another Skill or Level with friends till early mapping. Get Lioneye's Glare, res Cap and 3k Life and ur good to go.

Ascendancy Order:

Its a guess, but: Brutal Fervour -> Overwhelm -> Headsman

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Was thinking about ts duelist with slayer or berserker ascendancy and seems like i was not wrong at all. My doubt is if we level and start maping with ts or would be better to play Roa with tempest till the change to mf gear. And Also if it's better the slayer or the berserker, could u give me ur opinion?
Thats hard to say currently. I cannot add the Effects of Blitz and Rage Nodes to POB. Without them ist only 50% of the Damage so far. I think it'll also be less sustainable, due to less leech, at least if u choose Blitz and Rite of Ruin (RoR) Nodes and the full paths.
Half Way to Crave The Slaugter, not Reaching RoR doesnt seem to make any sense to me.
Maybe u could go half Way of Blitz Path to Flawless Savagery and then take Warbringer or another Path.

But overall imo Slayer seems to be the better option here.
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I think I will be going the slayer option. Berzerker looks super juicy, but I hate having to build up stacks.
You could calculate blitz by just assuming max stacks and then adding in the stats max blitz would give. That's what I've seen people do when doing ascendancy jewels like this. Of course that will be the top end damage and will take some time to get there. Personally that's why I'm going slayer but berserker will probably have higher top end damage but it requires some build up to get there.
using Lioneye's Fall jewel near Claw tree will give a lot crit multi and free life/mana leech
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Sonidox wrote:
using Lioneye's Fall jewel near Claw tree will give a lot crit multi and free life/mana leech

Jeah in the end that'll be quite more effective than using the bow nodes till deadly draw. Good Point
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I whipped together a quick idea of what a Lioneye's Glare ele conversion could look like, what do you guys think about the tree?

I whipped together a quick idea of what a Lioneye's Glare ele conversion could look like, what do you guys think about the tree?


jeah thats quite similar how i thought of it. using vaal pact is a good idea.
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