[3.9] Kinetic blast Berserker | CI | [T16] Fast clear speed | SC

This is my first build guide, just made it because i didn't see anyone play any build like this with berserker (in recent leagues atleast).

This is NOT a league starter build.
I Don't really recommend this build for hardcore, but you can make it work and i played it before in hc. (died to packet-loss)


This is a CI berserker build using KB. We can take advantage of using rage without any downside, also we get 40% more damage.
In order to not die from rage when you are CI you have to get at least 1-2 flat regen somewhere in your gear (i recommend 5+ for less life recovery mods) - YOU WILL DIE SLOWLY WIHTOUT THIS.

3.9 Update:
I personally haven't played or updated this build for some time, but thanks to @MustAntiyou there is a new update for 3.9 with updated tree and gear/gems. here is the PoB provided by MustAntiyou, I have to mention some of these items are from standard and you may not find them. (mostly High ES gear)
For single target swap to barrage:

3.7 Update:
Now after i see 3.7 changes i can say we got a huge buff for this build too, but the mechanic is still the same as we want the TRIPLE rage effect. Build remains as is, the only change is now you can choose between pain reaver for leech or flawless savagery for crit chance and crit multi, just make sure you don't die to phys reflect with the flawless savagery.

3.7 new Gem: Berserk - use at full rage for more damage/movement speed and defence. (added to gem section)

3.7 Buffs: 300% rage effect (200% before) that is attack damage/movement speed/attack speed. 12% Chance to deal double damage. Crit chance/multi - phys damage or 25% attack speed if you've been hit, depending on last ascendancy choice.


+ You play as berserker wander!
+ Lots of damage from berserker.
+ Fast. Not as fast as deadeye but fast enough.
+ Stun immunity from rage helps with CI.
+ Leech from ascendancy.
+ It's fun to play something no one plays.


- Need 8k+ ES to feel safe.
- Single target is not so good. (it's good enough for T16 bosses if they are close to a wall)
- Not budget friendly. (need about 10-20ex)
- Not a good league starter.
- Can't do ele reflect/no regen maps.

Skill Tree
Marauder - Berserker

Ascendancy Points: Aspect of Carnage (40% more dmg) - Pain Reaver (Leech)/flawless savagery (crit and phys dmg) - Crave the slaughter (first two rage nodes) - Rite of Ruin (double effect rage)

3.7 Update: Now you can choose between Pain Reaver and flawless savagery.

Bandits: Alira (helps with resist - it's a crit build)

Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris & Gruthkul

I leveled with Toxic rain and Herald of agony, it was ok nothing special. You probably can find a better leveling skill. early skill tree should be something like this life/mom:

PoB: http://pastebin.com/CnNhySaQ

Leveling skill tree

You need some regrets for final tree, save them!

Final Tree:
Warning: Don't take Vaal Pact or Zealot's Oath if you are planning to change tree. those mean no flat life regen and you die when you get enough Rage.

PoB of my synthesis flashback character: http://pastebin.com/BsbeKfRx
Updated PoB with Watcher's eye: http://pastebin.com/Tp25bgph

My lvl 95 character skill tree


My synthesis flashback gear:

For Jewels get abyss jewels with 30+ es and at least two of these:
adds fire damage to attacks
adds cold damage to attacks
adds lightning damage to attacks
adds fire damage to wand attacks
adds cold damage to wand attacks
adds lightning damage to wand attacks
+ to accuracy rating
you can also get flat life regen here and free up that on gear

Best watcher's eye for build:
energy shield gained for each enemy hit while affected by discipline

Gear explanation


you want a good roll piscator or a 300+ edps rare wand with high crit to beat piscator.
Any high es rare shield with some extra resist.
Body Armour:
600+ es vaal regalia or Incandescent heart. if you get rare vaal regalia try to craft recover x% of mana and energy shield when you focus, it's the closest thing to life flask for es builds.
if you can find a crown of eyes with KB enchant that's the best dps choice. if not any high es rare helmet with resist will work.
For enchant use Increased kb damage. extra explosion doesn't do much anymore after nerf, unless you want to run open maps and you already have high enough damage, then extra explosion can help.
shaper's touch is as good as 120+ es rare gloves and gives extra accuracy and mana.
try to get "attacks have +x% to critical chance" for better crit chance as we don't use critical strikes gem in our setup.
Sin trek or 150+ es rare belt with movement speed and extra resist.
for enchant try to get movement speed or fire damage if you've killed recently.
This one's important. If you can find one with 2 pierce implicit that will be enought for build, if not you have to get "Piercing Shots" on tree. I had that point till i found the right talisman.
Rest of mods should be flat es and % increased es with extra resist or strength/dex (if you get enough of these attributes you can regret them on tree)
one of your rings should have assassin mark on hit with extra es and some res.
the other just some es and resist or attributes. flat ele dmg to attacks or wed are good too.
if you can't afford assassin mark (you should as this is not a budget build!) you can try Herald of ice + Curse on hit + Assassin mark.
Headhunter if you can afford, if not Bisco's leash for extra speed, damage and fun!
you can use bated breath or high es/resist stygian vise for one more jewel till you can afford HH or bisco.

6L: Kinetic blast + Greater multiple projectiles + Added lightning damage + added cold damage + Damage on full life + elemental damage with attacks

HoI: Herald of Ice + Blind + Ice bite (for frenzy) + Culling Strike (helps to kill for ice bite)

CWDT: cast when damage taken + Cold snap (again for frenzy) + storm brand + blind (you can do immortal call + inc duration if you think blind from HoI is enough)

Barrage: Barrage + Knockback + greater multiple projectiles + blind (Only use for knocking back tanky monsters like beyond bosses/Essence/Map bosses against wall)

Others: Decoy totem + Ice golem + Vaal Discipline (best vaal option) + War banner (i use it just for accuracy) + flame dash + Berserk

Updated PoB with Watcher's eye: http://pastebin.com/Tp25bgph

Things you can Change
Single Target:
if you want better single target you can use thunder fist for gloves and put your KB there (drop added lightning and added cold). Then you can have single target barrage setup in your body armour (you can use same links as 6L KB)
You can drop war banner and remove HoI links (blind doesn't add mana multiplier), get some less mana reserved or even essence worm to add wrath. i usually had aurabot so i didn't bother with that.
skill tree:
you can change skill tree to your own interests, like taking pierce on tree (discussed in gear explanation - amulet), or taking other routes. whatever you do, Don't take Zealot's oath or Vaal pact, these two will kill you because of rage.


If you have any question you can ask here, I'll try to check forum frequently or ask me in game.
IGN: KBerserker
Also please let me know if you have any suggestion about build or guide.

Have Fun. :P
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актуальность билда начинают смотреть с видио в первых пунктах. именно видио не хватает в гайде.
DarRaffgd wrote:
актуальность билда начинают смотреть с видио в первых пунктах. именно видио не хватает в гайде.

Added video.
Благодарю, за видио мне очень помогло понять гемплей за сборку. От души
Very exciting
Looks really promising, gonna start that build today :)
from what do you generate power charges?
bananasbabyy wrote:
from what do you generate power charges?

from assassin's mark. either on ring or curse on hit Herald of ice setup.
Hi man may i ask you how you menaged to get "Recover% of mana and shield when you focus" on the chest please ? i'm back after 3 years i forgot like everything about enchants and stuffs like that :/
ergecko123 wrote:
Hi man may i ask you how you menaged to get "Recover% of mana and shield when you focus" on the chest please ? i'm back after 3 years i forgot like everything about enchants and stuffs like that :/

It's a new craft added in syndicate league. you can try to unlock it or get some craft service.

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