[3.7] Cyclone CwC Blade Vortex CI Trickster

Check my profile for updated gear and skill tree.

Running Storm Burst, CWC, BV, phys to lightning, ES leech, and Controlled Destruction.

Switched to Herald of Ash since I got a Warlord's mark ring with -6 mana cost for skills. I have 127 unreserved mana and I can spam my Storm Burst and other skills non stop. Wrath and Discipline are my 2 auras. I prioritized ES leech nodes with increased MAX leech rate and total MAX.

I removed the 2 curse set up since I realized I only took warlord's for the mana sustain, but mana isn't an issue anymore so Warlord's is useless now because I have such high ES leech already.

Current ES is 8,789.
Dodge attacks 17%
Dodge spells 10%
Block attacks 36% (39% with Tempest shield proc'd)
Block spells 6% (9% with Tempest shield)
8044 evasion rating (34% chance to evade)
11467 evasion with flasks (42% chance to evade)

PoB has me at 3mil DPS with all buffs and flasks proc'd. I honestly don't pay much attention to this because I insta clear mobs most of the time. Every boss gets melted within a few seconds as long as they don't become untargetable or charge up a crazy insta kill ability (Phoenix guardian for example).

I downed Shaper with zero deaths today. Haven't had a chance to do Uber Elder or Uber Atziri because I have not been able to obtain access to those bosses yet.

All guardians go down without a sweat as long as you know the mechanics well enough.

Honestly, it's really the Legion that catch me off guard most times, but that's because I'm still acquainting myself with their different abilities. Gotta watch out for those freaking homing flame bombs (the super fast, small ones).

Unfortunately, I feel like my build only works because of the insanely expensive gear I'm rocking. Probably close to 40-50 exalts spent just to make it work.. To me that's not worth it enough to recommend to other people, but I did it because I freaking love how off-meta I am and how I can clear everything relatively easy while looking like a badass.

Definetly not a good league starter, felt squishy and under powered untill atziri's reflection + jade flask made such insane diference, and for dps Glorious vanity with 25% chance to inflict wither makes such huge difference on those legion rare's, also coward's legacy was good dps bumb. Finaly running most of the time with inc aoe.
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Uber Elder down. It was my first time fihgting him, so I died once cuz I got caught off guard. And then I died at the end because Zana didn't shield me from his death bomb? Idk what happened there...

Otherwise, my dps and survivability was great.
After min-maxing the build as much as I can (within reason), I just wanted to thank for the build TheDeathBeam and give it a final review. Here are my items (50 ex or so value?).

Overall, I enjoyed the build but it wasn't without its drawbacks.

The disintegrator version was great and cheap for mapping. When running through maps, the degen doesn't matter much and you can pretty much just blitz through mobs while having minimal gear. However, it is tough to do in maps where you're cursed with vulnerability (which when added to the no reflect maps really hinders your map pool) and isn't great for doing Shaper or Elder where there's tons of downtime.

On auras, I think my final setup with zealotry instead of herald of ash works best. It gives slightly more PoB dps that HoA and is much more reliable to create consecrated ground with than the other methods.

I would also highly recommend the Militant Faith jewel. While a perfectly rolled Lethal Pride jewel with all double damage nodes might be better, my aura & area damage jewel gives me a whopping 19% increased tooltip dps, which is the same as my Watchers. Overall, I do nearly 6 million PoB dps with my current set up after factoring in the Timeless Jewel while not having the degen issues with Disintegrator.

I never tried the Atziri's Reflection + Coward's chains iteration of this build but I would imagine that it's the smoothest. See this profile for an example of what I'm talking about: https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds/char/AREuFUF/EinharAllanPOE?i=1&search=class%3DTrickster%26skill%3DBlade-Vortex. When factoring in the curses, I think it would do similar damage to my build while being tankier.

All that said, the unfortunate fact is that the build is more expensive than and performs worse than comparative cyclone builds. But, that's probably the case with most builds this league, given the strength of impale and phys stacking. The build also is too slow to reliably clear monoliths (at least in T16s) and doesn't fare great in the five way battles. I enjoyed it but have rerolled a deadeye to do a dex stacking build for the rest of the league.
Hello, liking the build so far just hit level 81 with not playing much.

Need some help finding a good cheap 1 hander until i can get staff.

Can you take a look at my profile and suggest CHEAP upgrades?
This build is so slow for Legion league :(
Could you kindly update the PoB link to reflect all the adjustments? As a noob, I would very much appreciate it.
The build is okay for mapping in general but harder fights just gets squashed.

I bought everything from the guide as i found a mirror this league and wanted to play something faceroll for a change.

Very squishy the degen from the staff nearly kills you if you can't find a mob for more than 5 seconds.

I'm sure the other variants may change the play style but i think im done with it for now

OP, I play atziri's mirror/coward's legacy version of your build (and everything is great and such) - but still have some doubts /questions.

1h sceptre.
Is looking for one with "gain as extra fire/light/cold dmg" make sense? I mean - I have a crit multiplier/ele as chaos + multimod, and wonder if "add x to y cold dmg to spells" from craftbench is really important / significant. Wouldn't be better something like (let's assume, something still reasonable/affordable...):

Crit multiplier (T1 prefix)
Ele as chaos (T1 prefix)
Phys dmg gain as fire/cold/lightning (T1/T2)(which one is the best? Is it something what i have (i.e fire dmg / cold dmg) or something i don't have (i.e lightning dmg)... (prefix)
Multimod (suffix)
Trigger socketed spell (suffix)
Spell dmg/non chaos as chaos (suffix)

Watcher's eye.
I use clarity ES / Phys to cold conversion. But im not fully convinced to the zealotry mod -> incr crit chance against enemies on consecrated ground cuz we crit a lot even without it. In general such Watcher's is pretty good (great synergy with auras etc), but this particular mod isn't mandatory, and i think there must be something much better. And i have 2 questions:

What mod would be the BIS in this case (instead of zealotry crit)?
What combination of mods would be the best if I decide to choose version without clarity?

Got few ideas (i.e crit multi while affected by precision), but i'd like to hear something from you if it's no problem.

Ty and GL ;-)

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