Boss Fight Improvements in Path of Exile: Legion

Phases are boring. Making them rewarding feels that as a player I get bribed to do something boring by making it extra rewarding. It does not fix much of the issue to me.

Some maybe had an issue with the phases not being rewarding but enjoying them, for those this would be a good fix I guess.
I dont have any probleme with that bit the poeple will realy do boss!?
I think iff GGG can put a mecanic with a systen of specific loot on boss now the comunity will do boss... im currious to know the % of poeple doing boss before and after this patch...
Idk about this one, guys. Just seems like more stuff to kill. Your game has become too... cluttered.
I don't really get it, what's the difference?
Hillda wrote:
nadakuu wrote:
phase bosses fine,
adding mobs - sure ok

but the big problem with bosses is that they do not drop enough loot to begin with.

they need a massive increase in loot potential and many more good uniques need to be added to the game and put behind a boss.

they also need to give much more experience

This !

This !
Vertal0 wrote:
The best improvement would be to just remove immunity, it's an unnecessary waste of the player's time.

So you can kill regular Atziri in 0.6 seconds? That would be a little broken.

I'd agree for the cases of Rigwald and Delve bosses though, because sometimes in those immunity fazes/moves can be really the only thing making it any hard, which is a little broken on it's own.
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So what did they change with the Innocence fight? The add phases are so so so boring for that boss. Invulnerable phases with a fixed timeframe are such lazy design. Adds phases can be fine if the adds aren't just complete fodder and killing them faster means you get through it faster, not that you have to just wait for more respawns. Like Tukohama is GOOD design. You have to avoid attacks and the faster you take down the totems the faster you can get back to killing the boss. You are rewarded for better play while still making the fight take longer and have more mechanics. Innocence add phase is just lazy lazy lazy and this video isn't showing anything changed.
We dont need phase bosses on maps, takes too much time for nothing
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Real improvement if we want keep phases:

1. Bosses should skip animation when they health reach treshold:
- It should work similar to kill. Now you can down Atziri health to 0 in 1st phase and wait until she start her phase this is clunky. (same with spider god).
- Or make it more lore friendly. Make immortall call apear above their head. So players will know they triggered some action, and now they just waiting to boss consume his immortal call and then go next phase.

2. Remove all stupid actions:
- Kitava grabbing sin/innocence - Why he is immune when he do that ?? - This should be considered as attack not immune phase. Please remove grabbing or make him vulnerable when he is doing that.
- Atziri mob phase (30 sec of nothing) - Please make these mobs more fun.
- Vessel of Vaal - accelerate its appearance time (not the phase issue but still boss improvement).

3. Make switching phases animation faster (stone kitava downfalls etc.)

4. Introduce phase skip mechanics.

Other boss improvement:

5. Improve bosses loot:
- One rare item they drop should go lucky roll. Two or three of mods should have chance to improve through lucky mechanic.
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well you forgot the "improves item rewards MEME part"...

OK i will do:

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