Boss Fight Improvements in Path of Exile: Legion

While in some ways I'm happy that there is something to do during the phases where the boss goes immune, and nothing at all can stop that, I feel that the amount of extra enemies during the Heart phase of Kitava+ was already more dangerous than the actual boss. Adding as many extra enemies as was seen in this video seems overkill.

Others have expressed their dislike for "phased enemies" altogether. I hope what they mean are IMMUNITY phased bosses, and that bosses which change behaviour based on health level are not abhorrent to them.

I feel immunity phases are not a problem as long as there is a way to trigger it's end early. long slow animations (where the boss is immune) between phases is the thing that everyone hates.
0:10 , orb of chance and reef map dropped , i'm impressed !
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So the Improvement is add more adds? How about making Bosses a lot more rewarding for the time it takes to wait through all their phases?
Mixed feelings.

Having great mapping builds suddenly struggle on bosses because they couldn't maintain on-kill benefits was not a Good Thing.

However bosses were the one place where the game wasn't drowning in visual clutter. Boss abilities were clear, without 30 mobs running over the top of each other turning into a game of spot the mechanic in a haystick. Even more visual clutter is a Bad Thing.
Cool story guys, they will still die in about half a second.
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Ty for scam <3
vaal skills op again :(

it would be a nice twist that after they made us unlearn that unique items are the best, one has to identify rare items that drop and hard fights against rare monsters are better than zoom zoom killing thrashmobs, they now have rare monsters spawning in boss fights being the real challenge (for melee users).
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I think just smoothening the transitions between phases (like cutting out obsolete and long animations) would have been fine too. I disagree with all the Sonics here that gotta go fast every second of the game out of FOMO cause that makes the game more stressed and is unsustainable as an attitude, but risk-reward ratio on end game bosses could indeed be better. Adding a few rares makes it a bit more entertaining, but as someone already pointed out, it also makes the boss fights more challenging for characters that cannot instant clear screens while doing nothing for those that already can. Plus visual clutter obscuring telegraphed boss abilities is probably not that good.

Well whatever, probably better than what we have now. And indeed; suck it pathfinders!
So there's more junk all over the screen obscuring what the boss is doing. Here's an issue in other areas of the game, lets add it to boss fights yay!
Fake video, the game is running waaaay too smoothly :P (Okay, maybe I need to upgrade my CPU unless you've made some notable performance optimizations)
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So, more mobs in Boss Encounters.
This means Flask recharge (Pathfinders will lose a bit of popularity).
But they will be easy to do as now, Am I wrong?
And what about rewards?
Bosses have to be the most difficult part of a map, and 99% of times we don't get rewarded to kill them.

Kept you waiting - huh?

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