Super Stash Sale

Need to make some of these available as guild tabs too!
Unique tab would be EPIC for guild tab.

Ezcompany wrote:
Waiting patiently you have my support for more quad tabs. Wish I could upgrade my single premium tabs into quads seeing I purchased them before quad tabs were a thing.

Also THIS!!
JackKenoff wrote:
litterly just finnished spending a bunch of points on my stash, only to find out an hour later it goes on sale.... fml

they are on sale a lot, literally every 2 weeks or so. all you have to do is wait for a sale ...
mulepoe1gmail wrote:
Standard map tabs working when?

the one and only improvement i am more $ for GGG till this is fixed.
learning is a painful process ... knowledge is the most deadly weapon.
i wish there was free currency tab event :D would improve the quality of the game quite a bit
Just because you're in a bad mood,
There is no reason to spoil other people's feelings.
You don't feel good about GGG.
It is a really senseless animal that does harm to others.
I started poe in less than a month now and I don't understand the way it really is.

You lied to me about the deal.
You exterminated me with pvp.
I feel very bad.
I hope you apologize.
Hey guys, any idea when will be the next stash sale? I need some tabs for legion :P
Yeah, Im considering that too! @kueller351
I need 2 premium bundles and a currency if any tokens left
Next sale when ?
Im ready to open the wallet GGG :)

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