Super Stash Sale


4 Dumpster tabs to 1 quad tab upgrade WHEN!!!!

Not buying anything again until both are completed, and by completed I mean actually completed, not some vague and empty "we're looking into it" throw away comment regarding the map tab series "convert option".
Formally [Removed by Support] as my STANDARD map stash got frakked
Still waiting for Fossils and Resonators Tab
I'm also voting for...

Waiting patiently you have my support for more quad tabs. Wish I could upgrade my single premium tabs into quads seeing I purchased them before quad tabs were a thing.
ye fossil, resonator and prophecy tabs would be great. What I would love is an improved stash in general as well. What I mean is being able to truly sort and categorize tabs. Tabs in a folder structure would be nice for convenience. No idea if this is even possible in though.
Resonator fossils propheties and more place in unique stash could be really good, its a shame we just can put one of each items in...
Hasunic wrote:
Uhm. 5 quad tabs richer.

Same here. Bring it already#
Is the sale on stashes always 20% off? Thought sales were 50% off?
Perfect time for the sale, just what i needed!

*This is my first post ever!
Long time reader, but the this popped the cherry
Bad timing for me. I'm having to pay out $400+ a month for my dentist. It would however be nice if I could rename the standard tabs instead of having 1,2,3,4 until I can afford to buy and upgrade them to premium tabs.

PoE seriously needs an in game market place as well. No one answers back in trade chat often even with a trade offer over normal pricing. I'm stuck with the same old stale gear as a new player so I can't really do any nice builds and might find because of that.

I'm buying some tabs next month even though sale is ending. PoE is such an exquisitely well done game. I'm more than happy to support it any way I can.


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