3.6.5 Patch Notes

Another day, another turd floating in the punch bowl.

In rapid succession at 3AM Washington DC time I crashed Washington DC then Texas then California. Total playtime about 2 minutes.

Wow, GGG I'm so fucking impressed at what you guys have done.

Really grand. Soon we will just crash at attempt to log on. Imagine no one playing. Lol.
Perhaps not the correct place to ask this, but what's the time-frame for this patch coming to console?
Asking on the basis that this patch doesn't exist as a thread on the console forums yet, and was planning on buying one of the supporter packs and using the points from that to buy some tabs, as they're currently on sale, and was hoping it would release before the tab sale ended.
Could you add torrent updates, or fix the update via the launcher because at 1Mb / s downloading updates constantly goes back, for example: when you download 50MB, then the counter goes back to 30MB and so over and over again
Why is the number of Threads increasing in this forum section but the number of visible threads isn't changing... Secret preparing of the 3.7 patch notes?

608 threads, v3.6.5 patch notes is latest thread.
609 threads, v3.6.5 patch notes is latest thread.
610 threads, v3.6.5 patch notes is latest thread.

and now...

611 threads, v3.6.5 patch notes is latest thread.

and now back to 608 threads, with v3.6.6 patch notes the latest.

And then 641 threads...
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