3.7.0 Announcement Timeline

the current strategy is to a) play for time b) downplay previous commitments c) dilute it all with small pseudo-clever 'hype' building that people scolded with last league fiasco and Path of Winter Orb are not currently keen on buying..

in fact it is a+b+c

as a mostly melee player im eagerly waiting to see how are you going to change the game to make melee COMPETITIVE (not viable, competitive) aka BEST at something

right now literally no-budget bane/soulrend/winter orb or pretty much any f.. caster MOPS THE FLOOR with melee characters 10 times as expensive, 10 times as risky and much much slower

it is going to be mighty interesting how you are going to handle it after making 1/3rd of all playerbase play and enjoy Winter Orb's idiocy. what are you going to do to make Cleave, Ground Slam or Heavy Strike have their place in a game where 100c casters trivialize most content

because you wont 'kill' Winter Orb. thats for sure. mild nerf + hidden buff. just like you did with Energy Shield (oh look, 10k ES no budget no problem). you cannot piss of 30% of your customers. so what are you going to do? i hope you have some SOLID ideas.

6%+ Glacial Hammer wont cut it
inb4 people start to search the image for cryptographically hidden clues
better be good guys ! lets do it
"Your grandchildren will awaken screaming in memory of what I utter today!"
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Cool. Before next league you can also announce when you gonna make the announcement of upcoming announcements! Keep it up GGG...
I've lost control of the controls...
Jesus take the wheel"
RAizQT during Kammel HC race
I knew it was Carnage just look at the thumbnail. Pog
Is...is that Einhar? :|
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google reverse image search on that pic recognizes it as "darkness".

darkness league confirmed

edit: ah that name is not on the list
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