3.7.0 Announcement Timeline

Look like attack of undead from GoT ;)
First page!

What's that supposed to be, GOT reference?
It always has to be something blue or purple, eh?
Imperial Terraces hideout: thread/2257515
Oriath Gardens hideout: thread/2325653

Forum moderation is pathetic. Removing this line from my signature without notifying me was just another proof of it.
Can't wait for Legion!
J'attend avec impatience
Hope for berserker change.
Legion League let's go boys
onslaught or anarchy 2.0.
3.3: Lapidary lens is the worst challenge I have seen in six years and a half of POE.
3.4: hold my beer.
3.5: nah fuck this grindy rotation buy off trade 820 shit
3.6 Makes 3.5 look like a masterpiece and 3.7 like their best work yet.
looks to me like image is us in the dark but moving forward

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