This time (at 9am on May 22nd NZT) next week we'll be announcing the full details of our 3.7.0 expansion that we expect to launch in early June. Our team is busy preparing the announcement and other aspects of the expansion. In the meantime…

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Nice, an announcement announcing an upcoming announcement. :)
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Cant wait.
Hideout of the Week: Joe Schmoe VS. The Volcano

Still available in Standard.
You are welcome to see it for yourself anytime.
Lets hope you redeem yourselves eh?
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jeez when i saw the post comming up on steam i almost died in trial cuz i had to see this ^^
Someone needs to clean their monitor, all kinds of smudges.
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I_NO wrote:
Lets hope you redeem yourselves eh?

For the first time ever I agree with you.

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