[3.7] The BUGG JUGG - Melee Summoner - New Vids up!

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3.7 Updates - Updated 5/23
I will add info here as it is revealed, or as others make suggestions!


Cyclone is now a channeled skill, may replace Blade Flurry.
-if it has larger AOE and more hits per second to apply more poisons.

Corrupted node that gives double attack & spell block chance, but makes us take 50% dmg from blocked hits.
-We could invest less in block, save some skill points
-Taking lots of smaller hits instead of outright blocking them means more regen from Unbreakable and more Endurance Charges from Unflinching.
-Proc CWDT more often
-50% less damage from Blocked hits, and 30% less from Fortify could be really good.
-The Surrender shield seems OP with this

Sand Stance
-Larger AOE for our Cyclone/Blade Flurry
-Free Blind and less damage mod, but blind is pretty easy to get with jewel mods.

Molten Shell buffs!

Videos! +More Coming Soon!


T16 Maze of the Minotaur - Double Reflect! EASY

T15 Defiled Cathedral

T14 Plaza

Explanation, Pros & Cons!

•Spiders and the Scorpion deal all our damage and hardly need any investment
•50k DPS per spider x 20 Spiders = 1 million DPS. Great for single target.
•400k+ DPS from Scorpion Tail Spike. 100k+ per Mortar, 6 Morters that can shotgun. Great for map clear.
•Our Blade Flurry, Blade Vortex and the Spiders have 100% chance to poison. If a poison tick deals the killing blow, we are credited with the kill. This procs the Arakaali's Fang and instantly gives us 20 spiders very reliably.
•Only take defensive Juggernaut ascendency nodes
•Only use defensive flask
•Only spend 15 skill points on offense, the rest is ALL DEFENSE
•Only need defensive stats on jewels, except one with 5% poison.
•78% chance to block attacks, gain almost 200 life and some mana on block.

•Easy/fast leveling cause you NEVER DIE.
•Can do any map mod - saves currency!
•Can face tank almost anything, if you dodge the very obvious stuff you never die.

•Must get INT and DEX on gear, or spend passive points on the +30 nodes.
•Not the fastest map clear, limited by minion move speed but well managed convocation can make it pretty fast.
•Not good league starter, the shield and dagger will be expensive
•No regen maps are hard, but doable with mana flask and good life flask management.


1. Shield charge into mobs to proc Fortify
2. Chug your defensive flask - drop Dread Banner
3. Hold Blade Flurry - BF will apply poisons & Wither and also CwC BV will stack and also apply poisons & Wither.
4. Watch Bugs maul everything

For bosses you can take a couple seconds to prep by casting Desecrate then killing the mobs in the boss room to get 20 Spiders. Or use a worm flask as your life flask to be extra safe.

Get a little extra armour by self casting Molten Shell/Vaal Molten Shell if you don't mind the extra button.

Leveling & Skill Trees

Starting Tree - -kill all bandits

Getting enough INT and DEX is a challenge for this build. Always make sure you have enough so that you can level your gems as much as possible, so you probably will have to grab those +30 nodes. Unspec them later once you have enough on gear.

Starting Tree: Go straight to Heart of the Warrior. We will level for a while with Sunder so next rush to Resolute Technique then the Spiritual Aid wheel. Then grab some more minion damage at Spiritual Command (which is also damage for you) and end with Discipline and Training for some juicy life.


75 Points: Head to Art of the Gladiator to give us even more damage. You should have a decent 1 handed Axe or Mace and any shield with decent life and res so you will be plenty tanky. Then get Testudo and Retaliation. We will respec Retaliation later, but for now we want the damage. You should have Normal Lab done at least by the end of act 4, take Unflinching ascendency.


92 Points: We want Endurance Charges now that we have Unflinching. So get the ones by Templar and Duelist, then grab Bloodless, Barbarism, Devotion and Juggernaut life nodes in whichever order you wish. About this time we should be switching to Herald of Agony and Arakaali's Fang. Have Cruel Lab done.


104 Points: Might as well grab all those jewels! Uber Lab is really easy for us once we switch to Summoner and have our Dagger and Shield, so you should have all 4 Ascendencies by now.


116 Points: We would be lvl 93 by the end of this tree. We just take every 5% life node we can get.


123 Points: So you're going to 100! There are a lot of things we can take here, I'll leave it up to you! Indomitable for extra defense vs crits. Tireless for 20% increased life. Combat Stamina for life regen. Soul of Steel for even more phys reduction. Sanctity is good value for 1 point. Versitility and Precision are useful cause they give us much needed DEX and attack speed to stack up poisons faster.

My Gear/Recommended Gear

•Arakaali's Fang is the only required item
•Rare Gloves with - Supported by Poison and Faster Attacks help a lot, but not required.
•The Surrender is nice for the life on block, but almost any shield will work.
•The Anvil Amulet is nice for the extra block/max block and life/mana on block but any good amulet will work.
•A 6 Link Coming Calamity to put our Herald in could be nice cause it would allow us to use Hatred+Generosity, but We'd have to drop some defensive gems to make it fit. I'd rather feel immortal than kill things a little faster.
•All other slots can be rares to stack life and resist!

Other Possible Uniques to Use:
•Victarios Charity Shield - Give our bugs Frenzies, lots of damage! We won't be attack block capped, and lose 250 life gained on block + armour.
•Circle of Nostalgia - Nice buff for our HoA and QoL to save us some mana or get easy poisons. If your res are easily capped this is worth a ring slot.
•Kaom's Way - +1 Endurance Charge and tons of life regen, If your other gear easily caps your resist this can be great as a defensive option instead of a Circle of Nostalgia.
•Eber's Unification - The free cast Void Gaze is a nice damage increase, but we get basically no defensive stats from this helm.
•Speaker's Wreath - We get no defensive stats but would give us 100% uptime on Spiders since we'd ALWAYS get the kills.. but I never have an issue so I think it's pointless. Desecrate + Worm Flask does the job and I'd rather use a flask + gem than lose a helm slot. I also find it slows your clear speed since you have to hunt down every mob, instead of just letting Spiders chase them down and Scorpion 1-shot them from off screen.

Path of Building


Skill Gems Setup

*You will want to get gloves that have: "Socketed Gems are Supported by Level __ Poison" and if you can afford it, "Socketed Gems Supported by level __ Faster Attacks"
*This will allow you to run Wither, which BF and BV will stack very quickly. Faster Attacks is also very nice to stack poisons faster, but not absolutely necessary.

•Body Armour: Herald of Agony - Minion Damage - Damage on Full Life - Pierce - Vicious Projectiles - Maim

•In 4 link: Shield Charge - Fortify - Stone Golem - Dread Banner

•In 4 link: CWDT(lvl 20) - Spirit Offering(lvl 20) - Enfeeble(lvl 20) - Immortal Call (lvl 20)

•In Gloves: Blade Flurry - Cast While Channeling - Blade Vortex - Withering Touch (If you have free Poison support)
•In Gloves: Blade Flurry - Poison - Cast While Channeling - Blade Vortex (If you don't have free Poison support)

•In Shield: Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 1) - Tempest Shield (lvl 1) - Desecrate (lvl 20)

•In Arakaali's Fang: Minion Damage - Melee Physical - Multistrike

•If you get an Unset Ring, you can put in Vaal Molten Shell/Molten Shell if you want to self cast it.

Class and Ascendencies

•Class: Maurauder
•Ascendency: juggernaut
1st: Unflinching
2nd: Unbreakable
3rd: Unrelenting
4th: Unstoppable


Major: Lunaris
-Physical reduction is great, and we want to avoid chained projectiles since we always have a bunch of minions in front of us
•Capture Stone of the Currents in Wharf Map
•Capture Sebbert, Crescent's Point in Moon Temple Map
•Capture Ambrius, Legion Slayer in Colosseum Map

Minor: Tukohama
-We stand still to channel Blade Flurry, so this works well.
•Capture Tahsin, Warmaker in Siege Map

Leveling Guide + Suggested Uniques (more coming soon!)

This should really help new players, but there are some good tips even for experienced players if you scan through it.

If any new players would like a more some help, just PM me! I can import your current character into Path of Building and give you some more detailed advice.

1. Start game with Molten Strike. Have someone or an alt character buy you all the Minion gems for your final build so that you can have them leveling up until you are ready to use them! Minions scale massively with levels, you DO NOT want to wait until Act 6 to buy and possibly begin using under-leveled Herald of Agony and your Offering, Enfeeble, and your other support gems.

Always be on the lookout for any other gems that are required, choose them as quest reward or buy them from the vendors!

Remember, you can put 2 weapons/shield in your weapon swap and even though you are not using these weapons, the gems inside them will still level. So, go buy 2 cheap things with 3 sockets each.

3. Get Added Fire Support and Shield Charge after killing Brutus.

4. Get Sunder as your attack skill after Killing Merveil you can use it at lvl 12. You will use this for a looong time!

Link Sunder with Melee Phys- Added Fire - Ruthless

5. Act 2: Kill all Bandits. Kill the Weaver then go to Yeena, get Faster Attacks and Elemental Damage with Attacks from Yeena.

6. Any Unique/rare axe or mace until lvl 32, then look to get a Flesheaters or The Gryphon. Moonbender's Wing is also really good at lvl 39.

If you have Moonbender's Wing, your Sunder will be dealing a lot of elemental damage, so link it with Ele dmg with Attacks - Conc Effect - Ele Focus - Melee Phys - Ruthless.

If you are using a different weapon, link it with Melee Phys - Added Fire - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Conc Effect - Ruthless

7. You can get The Anvil amulet at lvl 45.

8. At lvl 53 you can go full summoner and get an Arakaali's Fang. Victario's Charity shield is also a really good shield to give your minions Frenzies. Get rid of Sunder and switch to Blade Flurry - Poison - CwC - Blade Vortex. At this low level I wouldn't try to get gloves with built in Poison/Faster Attacks until later when you can look for some with a little life/resist.

9. At lvl 64 you can use The Surrender shield. Lvl 68 get a Rumi's Concoction flask.

Leveling with 2x Poet's Pen and a Tabula

If this isn't your first character and you have currency, you can absolutely FLY through the story mode with 2x Poet's Pens and a Tabula.

•In Tabula: Herald of Agony - Maim - Damage on Full Life - Pierce - Minion Damage - Vicious Projectiles

•In a 4 link - Barrage - Faster Attacks - Poison - Greater Multiple Proj
-This will only give us 80% poison, so I recommend getting 4 very cheap jewels with 5% poison. Taking jewel slots early won't set us back at all, this build will still be stupid tanky and have tons of damage.

•Poet's Pen #1: Volatile Dead - Conc Effect - Controlled Destruction

•Poet's Pen #2: Unearth - Greater Multiple Proj - Projectile Weakness

Get a Volley Fire jewel and stick in the slot below Duelist start.

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Very Interessting!
are you planning to do Guardians and shaper with this?
ALl the best
cxzaqwe wrote:
Very Interessting!
are you planning to do Guardians and shaper with this?
ALl the best

Definitely. Minotaur and Uber Elder should be a piece of cake as they are with most Jugg builds. Not to mention spiders are really good vs Uber Elder. I haven't had much time to play this league or flashback, but after tomorrow I will have a TON of time to play so I will be putting out videos for a couple of guides.
cxzaqwe wrote:
Very Interessting!
are you planning to do Guardians and shaper with this?
ALl the best

Minotaur video up! Easy.

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