We're excited to announce that the team at BEAT esports have worked with us to produce a Path of Exile invitational where many top Path of Exile racers will compete in a pair of races, culminating in killing Act 10 Kitava. There's over $2,000 in prizes available and the winner will be flown to New Zealand to compete in the racing grand finale at ExileCon!

This is the 5th entry in the BEAT Invitational series. They've partnered with GGG, and Sennheiser to make this one of their best events yet.

The founders and staff of the BEAT Invitational have played Path of Exile since our early beta days and consider themselves no strangers to the hospitality of Greust and the Altar of Corruption and its great mysteries. We are thrilled to team up with them to bring this event to the racing community.

The event will be held on May 5th at 13:00 EDT, 10:00 PDT, 19:00 CEST. You can watch it on the BEAT Twitch channel here and enjoy the casting of familiar community faces, Ziggy and Raiz.

  • SSF HC Synthesis
  • Group Stage
  • First Race: A5 Kitava
  • Second Race: A5 Kitava
  • Top 8 Advance with the top average times from the 2 races
  • Max Time Limit: 2H 15M

  • A10 Kitava
  • No Max Time Limit

  • $900 + ExileCon Prize Package
  • A VIP ExileCon ticket
  • Entry into the grand racing finals at ExileCon
  • Return flights to New Zealand
  • Accommodation around the event

  • $750

  • $350

The list of racers who have confirmed that they will be participating are as follows.

Don't miss out on the action! Be sure to tune in at BEAT esports on Twitch.
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Grinding Gear Games
Pretty rad.
Nice ! Pog
not open to all? not valid imo ^^'
uh right time to find out if tie23 is a cheater/map hacker or the real god racer.
A no streamer and unknow player beating every single older racer in this game so easily like that makes me wonder......
ps: To be able to participate in this event, with such a high prize pool, players should necessarily stream.

Is streaming optional?
My end, it justifies my means,
All I ever do is delay,
My every attempt to evade,
The end of the road
And my end....
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how do you apply to participate or what's going on here
˙͜ >˙
Exif wrote:
how do you apply to participate or what's going on here

It's an invitational event which means that the racers who are participating have been invited exclusively. Raiz and Ziggy will be shoutcasting live so it should hopefully be a fun watch for the Path of Exile community!
wish i could play this game with 1050 gpu and hdd ( if someone got a tip how to minimise the fps drops) ( i can play league & ds3 & other games without problems , even while streaming/recording )
Ahh, it's over... My sun... it's setting... It's dark, so dark...
Good luck for the racers <3 tho
Ahh, it's over... My sun... it's setting... It's dark, so dark...

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